You will need
  • - lean beef;
  • - chicken;
  • fish;
  • - beef liver and heart;
  • - shrimp;
  • insects;
  • - snails and slugs;
  • - floating plants;
  • - vitamins and minerals.
Make a diet kormanyanak reptiles need to feed protein foods: beef and chicken, fish, beef liverand heart. Offer turtlese once a week finely chopped raw beef liver, heart and fish. Moreover, if the fish of the sea, it should be soaked and a small river good to eat immediately. Separate only large fish bones, cut the meat into pieces and feed the turtles. A special place in the diet is crab meat and unshelled shrimp is a treat for reptiles and are very good for their shell.
корм для красноухой черепахи
Treat turtles in addition to meat and fish be sure to give the adult turtlese cockroaches, beetles, larvae of the flour beetle and water snails: the great pond snail and the coil horn. In the warm period of the year do not be lazy to collect caterpillars, earthworms and slugs. Grow in a separate tank the duckweed, gigrofily and bacopa - adult turtlescan eat plants. Buy turtlesfrom lettuce and dandelion, putting them on the surface of the water.
как кормить морскую черепаху
Make a feeding diet for young cerapachyinae individuals need to be carefully chosen menu. A diverse diet contributes to the proper development of the carapace, and the growth of kids. In the first 3 months of life let meadow plankton – it contains a lot of insects trapped there while mowing the grass. Supplement during this period will be a special dry mixture containing fish flakes (10 %), shrimp (50 %) and amphipod (40 %). Don't forget to add in food vitamin D – it is vital for the turtles. In addition, the growth of shell food enrich in calcium, trace elements and other vitamins. For kids, whose length is 6 cm, you must daily 0.2 g of different components. If the size of the turtles more than 6 cm, add to her feed each day 0.5 g of vitamins.
как мыть хрустальную люстру
Observe the amount eaten turtlesOh feed for 30 minutes – this is enough time for saturation. The food was not continue to offer it exactly the same. The frequency of feeding depends on the age of reptiles. Young individuals up to 2 years and pregnant females should eat daily, and the diet should be varied, with the inclusion of eating large amounts of calcium. Adult turtlesam over 2 years as a full feeding 2-3 times a week.
как лечить черепаху
Choose a way to carmineeternity turtleshave: to put food into the water, give food with tweezers, or leave food on the deck near the water. The size of the cooked pieces directly related to the size of the individual. Prevent water contaminated from food residue, feed the reptile with the help of tweezers not only cut meat, but granular and dry food. If you are not suitable – offer turtleam food on the beach. That leftover food was not cleared, leave it in the cage for no more than 2-3 hours.
воспаление глаза у черепахи