You will need
  • - bucket or other capacity;
  • - baking soda;
  • - the brush.
The water in the aquarium with the turtle needs to be changed 1-2 times a week. If the container is equipped with a filter, it can be done less frequently since water will remain longer clean. Without a filter and change water liquid fast and dirty blooms, in such circumstances, the animal will be sick more often.
менять воду в аквариуме
Remove the turtle from the aquarium and place it on the time change of water in a Cup, deep bowl or bucket where it will not be able to get out. Be careful not to drop the pet, and keep in mind that it can scratch or bite, trying to escape from his hands. Leave bucket in safe place.
как поменять рыбкам воздух в аквариуме
Drain the water from the tank and remove all accessories. Clean it from the inside without the use of chemical agents. Grate the terrarium except that ordinary baking soda, but after that, wash the powder off the sides. Several times enter the water in a container and pour it.
как правильно менять воду в аквариуме
Wash hands, stones, driftwood and all that was in the vivariums. The soil when the content of water turtles is not required. Disassemble the filter and wash it. Assemble back and tightly secure in place.
сделать воду в аквариуме морской
Place the accessories back into the aquarium and fill it with warm filtered water. If you put a turtle in cold water, it may get sick. The optimum water temperature is 20-26oC.
как сделать аквариум для черепахи
Inspect the very turtle, clean the shell with a brush (you can use a toothbrush). Return the pet to the aquarium. You can immediately start to swim, and can be put on an island and wait, when she will crawl in clean warm water.