You will need
  • A terrarium or aquarium;
  • The heater for the terrarium;
  • The container for the bath.
Many people believe that the turtle will come out of hibernation myself, but it's not. The process of emerging from hibernation starts a gradual rise in temperature – it symbolizes the beginning of the warm season. To start, move the turtle into the room, better to do it in stages over three days. For example, first place the terrarium with the turtle on the window sill in a cool room, then find a warmer place, then make an ordinary room and place where the terrarium will always be. After that you can turn on the heating, gradually raising the temperature to 28-30 ° C for 3-4 days.
подготовить сухопутную черепаху к зимней спячке
After waking up turtle severely dehydrated, so it is necessary to bathe in a warm bath. The water temperature should be around 32-33 degrees. You can add to the water for swimming an amp of glucose, but do not use any shampoos and detergents, since the purpose of the bath is the elimination of the dehydration, not the cleansing of the turtles. Swimming turtles it is best to use a small tray. Merely place the animal for approximately 20 minutes. The warm water will soften the skin, and the turtle will be able to freely drink as much as she wants without putting in any effort. If the bug is something wrong – she's clearly dehydrated (it is expressed in dryness of the skin), depleted (noticeable thinness in the area of the legs and neck) or inactive, it is necessary to continue a series of warm baths. Do they need every day. Beware of drafts, so after a warm bath the turtle can easily catch a cold, so after the procedure, immediately place the animal back in a warm terrarium.
как разбудить сухопутную черепаху после зимней спячки
After hibernation the turtle is not only dehydrated but also starving because all this time she kept fats. If the bug everything is OK, then it will begin to feed 5-7 days after urges. If suddenly it starts to eat normally – immediately contact your doctor.
делать если сухопутная черепаха не ест