Many years ago a turtle came from the wild animal into a pet. That people loved this little slow-moving reptile? To contain the turtle in the home is very simple, these animals are completely undemanding in food and care. To eat home can turtle very rarely, even once a week and it won't be very stressful for her. But if you want to feed your pet each day, he in any case will not give up.

One of the most favourite food of the tortoises is lettuce, they contains large amounts of vitamins and vital trace elements needed by this animal. Shred the lettuce before feeding is not necessary, your pet easy to cope with them. On small pieces it is best to slice hard fruits and vegetables. Great food for your pet will be a couple of spoons of cottage cheese a week.

Keep the turtle in the home is best in a spacious cage, but this is the case, if it land. The size of the terrarium you can define yourself, the main criterion here is enough space for free movement of the animal.

Remember that the terrarium must be constantly maintained at the necessary temperature, humidity and lighting. One of the important conditions for keeping turtles — additional heating with the help of special lamps mounted on the ceiling of the terrarium. Off the lamp better for a short time and as infrequently as possible. Install the bulb (better just two feet from the floor of the cage in the corner, the optimum temperature is considered to be 30'C. Also, the lighting should be ultraviolet, a low-power lamp at a distance of 50 centimeters from the floor.

Turtles are very interesting to his behavior — watching them is a pleasure! Very often they are called brave, and in fact, many turtles run over the feet, when it comes to mealtime, accurately determine the noisy room and are present at any gathering of people, guided by the sound, although it is believed that reptiles are deprived of hearing. Also they are able to remember the place of feeding.

Some owners prefer to keep turtles without a terrarium, it should be noted that this is not quite right, and dangerous to the health of the animal. If you do not have the possibility to organize a terrarium, make sure that the animal was clean, warm floor. On-site where she can move needs to be filled in small passages, where it may get stuck. While cleaning is better to abandon the use of chemical detergents, the turtle is able easily poisoned, the best option is not to leave the animal unattended.

The beauty of the desert, the Central Asian steppe or Greek turtle is a great decoration for the home. Today, these remarkable reptiles have captured the hearts of a large number of people. With proper care and maintenance is an interesting animal will bring you many positive emotions and will delight you for years to come!