The conditions for the turtles

Все о черепахах: как их содержать

Setting the stage in the house of the tortoise, do not forget that it is a living creature that requires care and attention for health. To begin, decide what kind of turtle do you prefer - land or water? In accordance with the selections you will need an aquarium or terrarium in which to live animal. The view that the turtle can move freely around the apartment, is incorrect. Not having their own place, the reptile is in danger of catching cold in the draft, to get you home or at the ground and get damaged or get to where it won't be easy to get out.

Water turtle

как содержать в квартире черепаху

The most popular type is the water pond slider turtle. For care of this animal you will need a large aquarium, which will be given a small piece of land that the turtle was no where to rest after swimming. Water turtles are predators, therefore, will eat live food such as bloodworms, insects, or seafood, fresh fish, pre-cleaned from the bones and shredded.
Should not be given to turtles cooked meat or fish - it can cause disorders and discomfort. Digestion of these animals are not intended for the digestion of thermally processed foods.

Despite their predatory nature, turtles do not refuse to plant food — lettuce, carrots and algae. Also at any pet store you can buy special pellets for water turtles.


как перевезти морскую черепаху в поезде

Land or Central Asian tortoise is the inhabitant of warm countries, and therefore must be contained in the cage is installed over the lamp to ensure a sufficient amount of heat and light.

Land turtles are vegetarians. Their diet should consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and greens. Turtles need food containing crude fiber, therefore, the basis of the diet tortoises should be cabbage, carrots, beets and apples. If you give the turtle greens, it should be finely chopped and always fresh. Don't let the turtles too spicy herbs, such as cilantro or Basil, stick to more neutral herbs and leaf lettuce. In early spring a land turtle you can treat young leaves of a dandelion.
Remember that the food in the trough turtles should not be more than three hours. If the animal did not eat all that you gave her, don't leave it until the next feeding.

To power the tortoises in a specialized store you can also purchase food containing the necessary amount of fiber and nutrients, but do not translate turtle on dry pellets, fresh food it needs.

Food restrictions

как кормить взрослую черепаху водянную

In the stomach of turtles, water and land, does not contain enzymes that help the digestion of dairy products, bakery products, cooked cereals or eggs. You may think that I indulge my favorite, but such a diet can disrupt the functioning of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract of turtles.