The red-eared terrapins in nature capture food in the water, then crawl ashore to there it to eat. It is advisable to accustom your pet to this ritual, as from-for hits in water of different vivariums animal feed, he quickly contaminated.

How often to feed a turtle

Young animals (up to 2 years) need to feed once a day. Adult turtles should be abundant to regale once in a couple of days. It is worth noting that slider turtles suffers from the excessive gluttony - do not be afraid.

What to feed

The red-eared terrapins eat:
- factory food;
- bloodworm, worms, chopped veal heart, liver slices, minced meat;
- small fish;
- snails, duckweed;
- the plant food in the form of dandelions, leaves of beets, carrots;
beans, vegetables, fruits, sunflower seeds;
marine fish varieties;
- mussels, shrimp, squid.

If you feed your turtle, seafood and marine fish, it is first necessary to boil, get rid of the bones.

Many novice breeders trachemys turtles don't know what kind of meat you can give your pet. Writing can be poultry, beef, horse meat, lamb, pork. Better to indulge turtle meat less often, because the abuse of animal food leads to rickets.