You will need
  • aquarium or container;
  • - gravel;
  • water;
  • - the water filter;
  • - infrared and ultraviolet lamps;
  • - feed.
If you decide to have slider turtle you should know the peculiarities of its behavior and the rules of it. At change of conditions of stay these turtles need time to acclimatize. During this period, they are usually hiding in his shell. After a while they begin to eat freely, the initial fear will disappear. However, remember that trachemys can be quite painful to bite. This happens when she feels fear. If you take a turtle in hand, to move it or just to see, be careful, hold it firmly in both hands. Do not drop the animal even from a small height, the injuries can be fatal. Do not take the turtle with dirty hands, wash them before and after you touch it.
As housing for turtles you can purchase a glass aquarium or plastic container, for these purposes fit a small baby bath. Remember that the turtle will grow, so it's wise to think about the size of her home. Better if it will initially be intended for adult. Make sure that the volume of the container was not less than 55 L. the Container should contain artificial pond, and the land prepared, for example, gravel. The sushi area must be sufficient to ensure that the tortoise can be placed in it, completely leaving the water. Also try to close the aquarium lid to prevent escaping of the animal.
The content of the red-eared terrapins requires maintaining a special microclimate. Ensure that the temperature was kept at 24C. To maintain this temperature you can use, for example, a heater or an infrared lamp. Also provide admission to the turtle enough light. In any case, do not leave container in direct sunlight, this can lead to overheating, do not exceed the optimum temperature (24C). Sunlight you can replace the ultraviolet lamp. In this case, you must ensure that the cycles of day and night, including turning off a lamp at a certain time.
The content of the red-eared terrapins makes it extremely important to care as the water in which it lives. Maintain its temperature in the range from 24 to 30. Do not drop temperatures below this range, it may have a negative impact on animal health. Water is a good breeding ground for different bacteria, so it is important to maintain its purity. Regularly change the water in the container, be sure to use decorator if you are using tap water. Completely change the water and the contents of the aquarium at least once in two months. To maintain the purity of the water you can also use special filters.
Food slider turtles depends on their age. The young of these reptiles eat only plant foods, adults are generally omnivorous. Try also to use a separate container for feeding, if possible, after meals it will be fairly dirty. Nutrition should be balanced, do not use for their feeding exclusively food purchased, it needs to be no more than 25% of their diet, give them the same amount of protein (worms, moths, etc.). In addition, at least half of their diet should be plant foods, it can be fruits and vegetables without seeds and pits. Be sure to use special supplements vitamins. Add them to your food two times a week.