What to feed a turtle?

A terrapin - to look harmless creature, but she is a real predator. So feed her need animal food.

как ухаживать и чем кормить земноводную каспийскую черепаху

Mostly water turtles are fed various insects, earthworms and snails – you could buy at any pet store. At least once a week the pet should be given meat. Better find out what kind of meat is preferred by your turtle. Some turtles are happy to eat beef, others like chicken, but neither representative will not refuse from fish. Fish it is advisable to boil and clean away small bones to the body of the turtle was easy to digest the food.

как кормить красноухих черепах

Food, it is desirable to enrich our bodies. Particularly useful water turtles calcium, which can be given once a week.

как правильно кормить морскую черепашку

With age, the turtles go to "vegetarian diet". Therefore, the older the animal, the more likely the diet is to add a different vegetation, particularly algae. Also dependent on age, how often to feed a turtle. The young need daily nourishment, and adults have enough food for three days.

как кормить морскую черепаху

"Interior" aquarium

Though turtles and spend most of their life in water, drying them is still needed. So the tank has to be "island" with a lamp that will warm the area hills. This "island", and indeed the whole soil should consist of sand or gravel.

как ухаживать за морскими красноухими черепахами?

Be careful, turtles childishly curious, all that is in their reach, sure to be tried on the tooth. So keep the "grain" of the soil was larger than the head of a turtle. It also follows that the turtles no use to settle other residents: fish and plants.

In the aquarium should maintain a constant temperature of 25°C, changing the water every month (assuming that a filter is installed). It is desirable to have thermometers which will give you information about the temperature. Note that turtles can feel comfortable only in a large aquarium so before you purchase an animal, take care of it.


Before you decide to bring home a turtle, think about the fact that this is one of the few animals that may be several years to get over the person.

The average life expectancy of a turtle is about 100 years old. Known cases where turtles live up to 300 years. But at home everything, of course, different. Water turtles with good care can live up to 40 years.