Select the images which will compose the poster. For example, to make a poster on automotive topics the Internet to find pictures of the road and cars. Download Photoshop.
Pay attention to match the perspective and scale in relation to the road. To do this, create a new canvas by pressing Ctrl+O and selecting the size of the poster. Open the photo with the road. Drag an image on the canvas highway and resize using Free Transform ("Free transform") in the Edit tab (Edit).
Open the photo of the car. Make a copy of the background image with Ctrl+J. Hit the Q key to switch to edit mode "Quick mask". Click the brush button And set it to black.
Outline the contours of the car. When obrazovanii change the brush size. Press Q to exit "Quick mask". Press Ctrl+Shift+I. Drag the car to document and place in the middle.
Remove the extra background element, which was the vehicle by selecting them using the Polygonal Lasso Tool ("polygonal lasso") and pressing Delete on the keyboard. This makes for a more realistic combination of machine and road. Pay attention to shadows and reflections on the car.
So, if the car has a shadow from a tree, download from the Internet a photo of a tree. Open it in Photoshop. Press Ctrl+U and set Saturation (Saturation) value of -100. Press Ctrl+L and darken the tree — pick a spot in the window to the bottom. Click OK.
Next, open the tab, Select (Highlight), click on Color Range ("Color range") and adjust Fuzziness ("Spread") of 200. After that, click on Layer ("Layer") → Matting ("edging") → Remove White Matte ("Remove the white halo").
Move the image with the tree on the canvas with the road and machine. Erase with a soft brush places which can stand out from the landscape so that the tree is merged with the roadside grass. Click on the layer with the road, and then Ctrl+L. Change the first value in the Input field ("Inbox") with 0 to low values. This is done to give the road some contrast and reduce motion blur. Repeat the same with the car.
Create the windshield, if in the process of cutting it was removed, and the shadow from the car. To create the shadow menu Select → Load Selection ("Download selected area"). Create a new layer Ctrl+N and fill the selection with black color.
Blur by applying a Gaussian Blur ("Blur Gaussian") in the tab Filter ("Filter"), see Blur (Blur). Radius install about 12 px. Move the shadow. To create the windshield, press I and take a sample from the inside of the door of the machine. Create a new layer and soft brush draw the windshield. Reduce the opacity to 70-80%.
Give the poster retroreflect. Open the Layer tab, and under New Adjustment Layer (the"New adjustment layer"), select the Gradient Map ("Map gradient"). In the window set the blending mode to Overlay ("Overlay") and reduce the opacity to the optimum value.
Use purple and yellow color for the gradient. Create a new layer and swipe with a soft brush (optimum color - #FFAE00) on the horizon and the edges of the machine. Set the layer blending mode to Soft Light (Soft light) with opacity 20%. Wipe brush off the excess.
If desired, add to the poster the text, choosing the suitable color of the letters. Install brush bird brush to add the birds flying over text. Create a new layer on top of all, select a black brush and, setting the poster, click once. Birds will appear. Move the layer with the birds the Move tool ("Move"), called by V if necessary.
Merge all the layers into one by pressing Ctrl+E. Duplicate this layer with Ctrl+J. Click on the upper tab Filter menu, select Other ("Other") and click on High Pass ("Color contrast"). Set the radius to 10 px. Click OK and change the layer's blending mode from Normal to Soft Light. Save the result in the format .png or .jpg with maximum quality.