To launch the graphical editor, open the main menu of the OS, type in the search query box Paint and then press Enter. But if you've used this app then its icon will appear in the left column menu - just click it with the mouse.
Copy to clipboard the image of the screen. To do this, press the Print Screen key on a standard keyboard it's the third button from right in top row. The label may be printed in abbreviated form - PrScn. On laptops and netbooks this button is often triggered only in conjunction with functionally Fn.
Switch to Paint and paste the contents of the clipboard - just press Ctrl + V or click on the button labeled "Insert" tab on the "Home" menu of the editor.
Then turn on the printer, make sure that it has paper, and the device connected to the computer.
In the graphic editor click on the blue button without a label in the upper left corner and in the "Print" drop-down menu, select "View". In the application window displays the page layout with the image on the screen. Default Paint customize the size of the image under the installed paper size. If these settings should be changed, click "page setup" and set the desired padding values in the corresponding fields of the form. If necessary, you can change the page orientation, the size of the sheets, set the alignment of the image on the sheet vertically and horizontally.
When ready, click OK in the parameters dialog, and then click the "Print" button and the output process image of the screen on the printer will be started. Remaining in the editor window, the image can be saved to a file for later use. To do this, press Ctrl + S, and in the dialog that appears, specify the file name and storage location in the computer.