Advice 1: How to print photos 10x15 inkjet printer

To obtain high-quality, full-color and clear pictures at home, be sure to use a color inkjet printer. It is quite simple to use and requires no special knowledge. Following the user manual supplied with the printer, with the task of photo printing can handle even a child.
Printing photos on an inkjet printer
Color inkjet printer has become an integral part of the peripheral equipment of the PC. This made it possible to print high-quality color photographs at home. Exercise is very simple. The main thing to choose the right photo paper, configure the printer and start the print.

Select paper

You first need to purchase photo paper. Select the paper size 10x15. May be listed on the package size in inches 4"X6". Either in the form of a sheet format A6. About the quality of the paper and about proper sizing you can consult the seller.
Matte photo paper has a high degree of whiteness and high-contrast printed images. Applies to those images that will salaminian placed in a frame under glass or under the film of the album.
Glossy paper has a smooth shiny surface covered with a special polymer. It is used for printing professional quality photos. Perfectly conveys the bright saturated colors with a lot of color gradations and shades

Preparing to print

Existing photos in digital format if necessary can be corrected. For this purpose we use a special graphical editors to improve your photos: adjust color, brightness, saturation, remove red eye, and a variety of flaws.
Image editor — program (or software package) to process graphic images that allows you to create and edit two-dimensional clichés with a computer.

Make sure that the printer is connected to the power supply. Next, you need to test the connection with the computer. If the software is installed, insert the photo paper into the paper tray (vertically).


Choose left click the photo you want to print. Open the context menu clicking with the right mouse button. Click "Print".

Opens the program "photo printing Wizard". Click "Next". From the list provided, select the desired photo (one or more) and again click "Next".

You will be given the choice of printer. Select the one that will be printing photos.

Click on "printing preferences". In the opened window "common settings" select "print". You also have to choose the size (format) paper: 10x15 4"X6" or A6. In the tab "type of media" specify the type of paper you will use (see package). Click "Next".

Choose the layout (location) of the photograph. For photo 10x15: no white fields, choose "print photos full page"; with fields – "Fax print full page". If necessary, print photos in multiple instances in the column "Number of each image" enter the desired number of copies. By clicking "Next" will start the print photos.

Advice 2 : How to print borderless

In the information age of the Internet, it would seem possible to find any information to answer any question and download the manual for anything. But a simple question print pictures without frames absolutely not disclosed. Many of us, wanting to print a photo 10X15, used different programs that are supplied with the printer or downloaded third-party program, but always faced with the same problem – the problem of choice (or print it out full, not cropped photo, but with the frame, the indentation is obtained approximately 5 mm from the edge of the paper, or the full width but cropped the photo). There is a solution.
How to print borderless
Select a photo, click right mouse button and click "Print".
Open the "photo printing Wizard". Click "Next", select a picture and click "Next".
Select the printer that will print your photos, and click the button "printing preferences". Select a paper size A6 or 10X15 or 4X6 (depends on the printer drivers). Manually adjust the paper size to less than 2mm from each edge. That is, the paper size, you should get 98Х148мм.
Then close the window by clicking "OK". In the previously opened window click "Next". In the new window, select Print photos on the entire page" - "Next". And here they are beautiful, full size photos without frames!
Foreign manufacturers of printers expect the paper size as 4X6 (inches). As you know, the English inch is equal to 2.54 cm, Respectively, it turns out that the size of 4X6 (inches) = 10,16Х15,24cm or, rounding, 10.2 X 15.2 cm In the former Soviet Union has operated to this day, metric standard, and all paper produced in format 10X15, which clearly corresponds to 100Х150мм. That's why borderless photos are cut off slightly.

Advice 3 : How to print photos

Low prices on color inkjet printers have made it possible to get pictures of excellent quality. To print photos, the printer does not need to be a specialist you only have to connect the printer to the computer and insert the paper.
How to print photos
First of all, you should know that good photographs can be printed only on photographic paper. So before you start to print, buy a pack of photo paper. For printer standard A4 it is best to use photo paper of the same size. On one sheet you can print out one large or several small photos. Photo paper can be glossy or matte, so pay attention to this when buying.
Connect the printer to the computer and once the device is ready to print, insert several sheets of photo paper in the printer tray.
You can select a photo and begin printing. To do this, click on the photos you need, right click and select "Print". Opens the print Wizard. Click "Next" and then click "printing preferences". Select in the section "Carrier" item "photo Paper, best quality" and click "Next".
In the left menu you need to select the photo size to be printed. The menu provides visual examples, so the choice will be difficult. By choosing the size you need, you will see in the sheet preview on the right, is a photo on paper. If you are satisfied, click "Next" and the picture will be printed.
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Useful advice
To print pictures, it would seem, anywhere: points of reception of orders are available in all major stores in all districts of Moscow. Often, however, the quality of the photos printed in these centres leaves much to be desired. In addition, these centers in most cases do not provide services for printing digital photos, scanning film and printing black and white photos.
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