Advice 1: How to print photos 10x15 inkjet printer

To obtain high-quality, full-color and clear pictures at home, be sure to use a color inkjet printer. It is quite simple to use and requires no special knowledge. Following the user manual supplied with the printer, with the task of photo printing can handle even a child.
Printing photos on an inkjet printer
Color inkjet printer has become an integral part of the peripheral equipment of the PC. This made it possible to print high-quality color photographs at home. Exercise is very simple. The main thing to choose the right photo paper, configure the printer and start the print.

Select paper

You first need to purchase photo paper. Select the paper size 10x15. May be listed on the package size in inches 4"X6". Either in the form of a sheet format A6. About the quality of the paper and about proper sizing you can consult the seller.
Matte photo paper has a high degree of whiteness and high-contrast printed images. Applies to those images that will salaminian placed in a frame under glass or under the film of the album.
Glossy paper has a smooth shiny surface covered with a special polymer. It is used for printing professional quality photos. Perfectly conveys the bright saturated colors with a lot of color gradations and shades

Preparing to print

Existing photos in digital format if necessary can be corrected. For this purpose we use a special graphical editors to improve your photos: adjust color, brightness, saturation, remove red eye, and a variety of flaws.
Image editor — program (or software package) to process graphic images that allows you to create and edit two-dimensional clichés with a computer.

Make sure that the printer is connected to the power supply. Next, you need to test the connection with the computer. If the software is installed, insert the photo paper into the paper tray (vertically).


Choose left click the photo you want to print. Open the context menu clicking with the right mouse button. Click "Print".

Opens the program "photo printing Wizard". Click "Next". From the list provided, select the desired photo (one or more) and again click "Next".

You will be given the choice of printer. Select the one that will be printing photos.

Click on "printing preferences". In the opened window "common settings" select "print". You also have to choose the size (format) paper: 10x15 4"X6" or A6. In the tab "type of media" specify the type of paper you will use (see package). Click "Next".

Choose the layout (location) of the photograph. For photo 10x15: no white fields, choose "print photos full page"; with fields – "Fax print full page". If necessary, print photos in multiple instances in the column "Number of each image" enter the desired number of copies. By clicking "Next" will start the print photos.

Advice 2: How to print photos on the printer

If you have a digital camera and the printer allows you to print the image sufficiently, it is possible to organize a small home darkroom. What could be nicer than to print photos with your own camera.
How to print photos on the printer
You will need
  • The printer, photo, photo, photo digital camera, computer (if you want to edit the image).
If your photo is already perfect and it does not require color correction or any correction, then you can immediately proceed to print. But if the picture is not very good, for example, someone has red eye, or the left edge is cropped out - you can slightly edit it in any program for image processing.
Once the photo is ready for printing, you can proceed. Your printer can be connected to the computer, but most modern printers allow you to print images from the camera or flash card directly. If to print from the flash drive, there are fewer settings of the printer than when printing is performed using a computer program.
Each printer is supplied with a program disc for printing. It has a number of settings which allow you to adjust some important settings printing. Typically, each such program by default is already configured in the most convenient way, which is suitable for most images. Print a photograph using the default settings.
So, the program is running, the printer is on, paper is inserted. Left to open a photo file on the printer in the program and press the desired button "OK". The little printer will make a noise and soon will come the coveted picture.
Useful advice
In the printer preferences program has a lot of interesting things. For example, you can make pictures more bright, contrast, reduce noise, etc. If home photo printing you are interested, you should spend time learning these settings.

Advice 3: How to improve print quality

Printers can work in different modes, different quality and speed of printingand cost effectiveness. In addition, in the process they get worn and dirty, which degrades the quality of the printouts.
How to improve print quality
If you are using a dot matrix printer in text mode, use to change the quality of the print buttons on the front panel. When you switch to NLQ mode (Near Letter Quality) the machine prints slower, but better than in Draft, the consumption of dye on the printing of one page is increased.
When using dot matrix, inkjet or laser printer in graphics mode, start the configuration utility of printers (the way it is run depends on the OS used). Select the printer, then in its settings, select the desired compromise between speed, quality and cost of printing.
Remember that in any printer, regardless of its construction, a finite resource are not only the cartridges but also the engines. When low-quality printing paint, ink or toner are consumed slower, but the engines have to run at higher revs, that's why they wear out faster.
If the laser printer began to print faintly, with white stripes, shake the cartridge horizontally. You can then print a few dozen pages. After that, it should be replaced or the gas station.
If the bands on the printout of a laser printer is not white, but black, machine machine professional cleaning and prevention.
For refilling laser cartridges use only these shops, where you are cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, even if their services are more expensive. Replace the cartridge with a new one after three or four reloads, and the old hand (some shops even buy them).
Contrary to the claims of manufacturers, inkjet printers work better and last longer if you use the continuous ink supply system (CISS). This is due to the fact that the tube is not air enters, as is the case when changing the cartridge. Use in conjunction with such systems only high quality ink. Remember that light even they fade much faster than the original, therefore, protect print from direct sunlight. So the print head does not dry up, regularly use the printer.

Advice 4: How to print borderless

Documents created on computer may be subject to different requirements. It is sometimes necessary to print a page without the fields. To do this, you must set the document related settings.
How to print borderless
So, in Microsoft Office Word, you can adjust the width of fields in several ways. Run the program and click the "page Layout". Find the block tools "page Options". Hit it on the button-thumbnail "Field". From the context menu select the last item called "Custom fields".
This will open a new dialog box. Make sure you are on the Fields tab. In the same group, set the value to zero for top, bottom, left and right margins. If you set the parameters for binding, change them.
Receiving a notification that the part of the text with these settings may be outside the printable area, select one of your suiting options: either still apply the settings with null-value fields, either click on the "Fix". When you click on the button "Fix" the document will set the minimum size field. The average is 0.35-0.4 cm. The emergence of this alert is due to the fact that your printer may not support printing with zero settings fields.
Approximately by the same principle, you can adjust the size of the fields in the preview mode of the document. Click on the Office button and select "Print" item "print preview". When the program window changes, click on the thumbnail Fields.
Also access window where you can adjust the size of the fields, you can open the other way: being on the tab "page Layout", click the arrow in the "page setup". This will open a new dialog box, navigate to the Fields tab and the respective group to set the desired values.
In the graphical editors to specify the size of the fields (or lack thereof) you have when you go to print window. In the menu "File" select Print (File - Print) and using the mouse position the image on the sheet in a manner that suits you. After that, click "Print" (Print).
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