Carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons" before you still make a decision about terminating the pregnancy.
Never attempt to abort a pregnancy at home. More dangerous are criminal abortions. Don't turn to traditional healers regarding termination of pregnancy folk remedies. In most cases, these recommendations are not only absurd, but also dangerous to health. And self medication is always dangerous to humans. Side effects of traditional medicine no less than that of traditional methods of treatment. Deciding to get rid of pregnancy at home, you can not only remain fruitless, but also their health and even life.
Please only in medical institutions, since only a specialist will help you to terminate the pregnancy professionally and with the least harm to women's health. If you have a pregnancy up to 6 weeks, use medical (non-surgical) way. In this case, drugs used in reducing the level of female hormones. Complications with this method are minimal.
If you have a period of up to 5 weeks were having a mini-abortion (vacuum aspiration). Surgery is performed using anesthesia and lasts only a few minutes. The effects of the mini-abortion, both physical and moral, difficult and dangerous at least the operating consequences of abortion.
If you have a period of 6 to 12 weeks, produce surgical abortion (surgical abortion). In this case is surgical intervention and the risk of complications is significantly increased.
Before you decide on abortion, think that inside of you is already a new life, little man. Don't be deceived by what's inside you just a bundle of cells. It is not so. If you have already decided, in the future use methods of contraception that will protect you.