Advice 1: How many seasons of American idol

October 13, 2002 on the screens of the country came the first transmission of "Factory of stars". It has been more than ten years, but the graduates are known and loved still. Only this time on the First channel went seven seasons of the show, has released a new star into life, and two super-season, where he met graduates of different "factories".
How many seasons of American idol

The first "star Factory"

The first "Factory of stars" became a phenomenon in the Russian show-business and instantly gained popularity, especially among teenage audiences. Young people are bored with the same performers moved from one channel to another, the young people wanted to see new faces. Under the guidance of music producer Igor Matvienko was selected 16 people. They settled in the "Star house" and began to turn to Russian pop stars. Not stood in dignity "star" imprisonment, not without scandals. But in the end Russia got new idols.

First place in the project took the group "the Roots", which was Pavel Artemyev, Alexander Astashenok, Alexander Berdnikov and Alexey Kabanov. Second place went to the "Factory", consisting of some of the girls – Maria Alalykina, Irina Toneva, Sati Kazanova, Alexandra Savelieva and. Third place was won by Mikhail Grebenshikov. Later, the group evolved, but they are still working on the stage.
As the project "Factory of stars" was a novelty, the casting had almost the power to lead the participants. Many were mistrusted, auditions were held even in music schools.

"Factory of stars" Year 2003

In 2003, at the peak of popularity of the first show, came two consecutive "idol". The second was the producer Max Fadeev. Under his wing came on the scene, Julia Savicheva, Irakli Pirtskhalava, Pierre Narciss, Elena Temnikova, Elena Terleeva and the winner of the second season – Polina Gagarina, who soon left Fadeeva and have long resided in a separate voyage.

The producer of the third season was Alexander Shulgin, a former coach and husband of Valerie. The winner of the third "Factory" Nikita Malinin did not remain long at the top and quickly went into the shadows. Decayed factory projects "KGB" and "Tutsi". In solo voyage continue to keep only Julia Mikhalchik, Alexander Kireev, and Svetlana Svetikova Irina Ortman.

"Factory of stars". Year 2004

In 2004 came two factories. The head of the fourth was Igor Krutoy. It was he who gave the careers of such artists as Irina Dubtsova (the winner), Dominik Dzhoker, Stas Peha, Timothy, etc.

The fifth "Factory" was, you might say, triumphant. Moreover, its artistic Director was Alla Pugacheva, and producers were two – Max Fadeev and Igor Matvienko. First place was won by Victoria Dayneko, the second was Ruslan masukov, the third divided Natalia Podolskaya and Michael Veselov. In addition, known and working graduates "of the fifth convocation" - Alexandra Balakireva ("Cuba"), Juliana Karaulova (group 5sta family), Elena kukarskogo, Irson Kudikova, etc.
"Star factory-4" first, dubbed the "baby Factory celebrities" - the grandson of Edita, the daughter of Vladimir Kuzmin independently were casting and added intrigue to the project.

"Factory of stars – 6"

After a short break in 2006 came the sixth "Factory" under the leadership of Viktor Drobysh. The winners was Dmitry Koldun, who presented in 2007 Belarus at the contest Eurovision 2007. In addition, notable alumni this season – a group of Chelsea, Zara etc.

"Factory of stars – 7"

In 2007 came the last "star Factory", giving us new stars. This time it was led by brothers Meladze. The winner of the project was Anastasia Prikhodko, second place went to mark Tishman, the third level houses two groups – "Bis" and "Yin-Yang", the latter soon collapsed.

Other "factory" projects

In 2011, on the First channel started the show "star Factory. Return". It was attended by well-known graduates of all factories, except the second and third. Of the twelve participants was won by Victoria Dayneko, a pupil of Igor Matvienko.

In the summer of 2012 released a new "factory" project, which competed among themselves graduates of Russian and Ukrainian show. From Russia was made by Dmitry Koldun, Polina Gagarina, Vlad Sokolovsky, Joker and Victoria Daineko. From Ukraine - "dio movies", Max Barskih, Erika, Eva bushmina and Stas. In the end of the competition won Russian team.

Advice 2: How to earn the stars of show business

The stars of show business – the rich and successful people. The cover of the fashion magazines are full of their faces, on TV talk about them very much. Ordinary people are interested in the question what fees they receive for their glory. As a rule, stars are silent about this, but on the income of some of them became known.
How to earn the stars of show business

The richest singers of the Russian stage

Philip is honored by the king of Russian pop stars. For more than 25 years he generously bestows fans with their talent. However, in recent time more time was given to his daughter Alla-Vitoria, which acquired two luxury home on Rublyovka and in Miami. Such gifts cost the king of 17 million dollars. Media say that the annual income Kirkorov is approximately $ 8 million.

Stas Mikhailov became famous as the most arrogant and capricious singer among Russian artists. Accompanists just frown at the mention of his name, as for their performances at private parties Stas takes the amount which is 1.5 times higher than the one that requests for the same event Kirkorov. According to some of the same media, the singer makes in a year about $ 20 million.
Not surprisingly, an apartment in Moscow Stas Mikhailov gave 120 million rubles.

Despite the fact that their main fees stars receive from private corporate parties, Grigory Leps often prefer to speak with concert tours. The singer enjoyed success, his CDs sell well, and performances are planned for the next few years. Leps earns approximately $ 7 million per year.

Not the last place in terms of income is Dima Bilan. A large part of their income, according to him, he receives from filming in advertising. For one of the advertising contracts he earned 500 thousand euros. For the year his income is approximately $ 5 million.

The fees of the singers for one performance

Sofia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva, Nikolai Baskov and Irina Allegrova receive for the performance fees in the range of 30 to 55 thousand dollars. They came in first place in the rating of Russian artists fees TOP 100.
One show stars lasts about 30-40 minutes.

The second place is Valery Meladze, Iosif Kobzon, Kristina Orbakaite, Larisa Dolina and Valery. Their income statement is 27-32 thousands of dollars.

The third group contains the names of such artists as Irina Allegrova, Zhanna Friske, Ani Lorak, Anna Sedakova, Stas Pieha and Julia Savicheva.

Some celebrities claim that the stars are not so rich. But, as is evident from their fees, it is not so. And yet we cannot say that these performers don't deserve such earnings, because they are pleased with their magnificent voices a large number of people, their talent can only be admired. Moreover, to be a star is, in fact, is not easy work.
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