Find out whether you are pregnant. Home tests based on the analysis of the content of hormones in the urine are not always accurate. To confirm or refute the situation, contact the women's clinic. There you will be able to assign tests to accurately determine not only the presence of pregnancy, but also her life.
Select a method for abortion. Usually it depends on its term. Within eight weeks of the possible medical abortion, in which the effects on the body is limited to medicines. The doctor gives the woman a certain dose of drugs, which provoke a spontaneous miscarriage. To five weeks it is possible to use a vacuum abortion, which involves the impact of a physician on the uterus, but without curettage of the surgical instruments, reducing the risk of complications. At a later date remains a classic of the abortion, using surgical instruments. With the choice of a particular method will help the doctor.
Complete all necessary tests, including total blood count and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.
Sign up for a convenient time for you to the doctor and perform abortion. You should make a decision as soon as possible, as the longer the gestation, the higher the risk of various complications.
After an abortion your doctor about what requirements you need to comply with to maintain their health. Usually women are required to stop sexual activity for a certain time, and to abandon heavy physical load, swimming in pools and taking baths. In this case, the shower remains allowed.