You will need
  • - scraps of fabric;
  • - beads, bugles, sequins;
  • - baby socks;
  • - ribbons, lace;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - chalk or a marker.
As a material for the manufacture of clothing any cloth – the remnants of cloths from which you sewed clothes for themselves and their loved ones, pieces of cloth, which is sewn to the many things purchased in the store, samples from catalogs, old clothes of your children that they become small, ribbon, ribbons – anything you can create a unique outfit. As a decoration for evening dress suit beads, bugles, sequins.
If sewing you do not get at all, you can always take a piece of cloth, cut a neck hole, put it on the doll and belting rope – you get a simple dress. To a similar outfit looked appropriate, make it from a piece of fur, a belt tie regular twine. Stylish the inhabitant of the caves, waiting for Ken with a mammoth, ready.
Also note on kids socks in stripes or a fun pattern. They'll be warm and stylish sweaters for your doll Barbie!
If you know how to hold a needle and thread, then your service patterns on many Internet portals. In our time, the doll is the fashion craze, play and sew them clothing not only children but also adults who are happy to share their experiences. In addition to downloading the finished pattern, you can easily create them from adult models or to build with the help of special programs.
To transfer the pattern on the cloth with chalk or a thin marker, but in the sewing sewing machine you are unlikely to help. Small details of the dress is much more convenient to stitch manually by turning the clothes inside out, pre-fixing the individual parts of the pins. Edge convenient handle with tape or piping: the hem or the sleeve is bent, and it is sewn ribbon.