You will need
  • - thread "iris" 30 grams;
  • - thread "Molyneux" in two additions 5-6 skeins;
  • - knitting needles No. 1-1,2;
  • hook: No. of 1.0 and 0.5.
Ubonburi on the spokes 50 of the loops of the auxiliary thread and provarite three rows, then knit 40 rows hosiery knitting thread "iris". Reduce the width of the fabric twice. Thus, the spokes must remain 25 loops. Provarite another series. Next crochet waist skirt by open loops. Provarite two rows of columns without nakida, back provarite five edge loops two rows of columns without nakida for the clasp. Amperite skirt through a damp cheesecloth. Next, tie the lace part of the skirt. To do this, dissolve the support thread, open loop slip on the spokes and provarite their crochet two stitches together, put their arms three air loop. Then knit lace pattern according to the scheme of the napkin in a circle with embroidery floss in two additions. Sew back seam to tied with crochet edges of the skirt. Sew a small button or Velcro. With the wrong side seam amperite. Adorn the product with artificial flowers and ribbons.
Copytime "iris" make a chain of loops 30 and provarite crochet No. 1 with two rows of columns without nakida. Next, take the hook № 0.5 and knit "Floss" in two additions the arch of the three loops. Then knit the sixth part of the element of the pattern swipe. The side tie crochet № 1 thread "iris" columns without nakida. Sew Velcro for closure.
Snapsuite crochet No. 1 chain of six loops, and enclose in a ring. Next knit in a circle of 8 columns without nakida and single air loop for lifting. Later in the second previous row provarite two column without nakida (make 12 loops). In the next row, add six columns to knit this way until you get 36 bars. Then add three columns. The diameter of the bottom should be 3-3. 5 cm. Then knit about five rows for the base, not adding. For fields, add 12 columns without nakido, proverite 3 series, adding six columns. Then provarite field lace pattern wipes. Hat podcherknula to hold the shape.
Subcables would not be complete if not complemented with a cute purse. Make a chain of 18 loops and provarite 15 columns without nakida hook No. 1. Next, the hook No. 0.5 and provarite seven arches, three air loops. Then knit the lace portion of the pattern swipe. Associate the second item of bags in the similar way. Add up the parts and tie them together with a hook. For the handle make a chain of 20 loops.