You will need
  • Doll, fabric, patterns, sewing supplies, a little imagination.
Where to start? Of course, with the selection of patterns. First is to choose a lighter in sewing tops, skirts, straight dresses. Dolls may vary in volume. Finding a pattern, make a mock-up and place the doll or sew a sample from calico. Better in the beginning to customize the pattern for your doll than it is to fix then the finished product.

What fabric to choose? For miniature doll clothing is best to use natural fabrics – linen, wool, cotton, wool. The thinner the fabric is, the better. The stitching of this fabric easily, the seams are fine, the fabric on the slices do not crumble. If the clothes will be lined, then it is also better to choose natural fabric.
To transfer the pattern on the fabric is easiest and cheaper to use the remnants. Soap is easy to paint almost any fabric. It is better to take the remnants from a simple baby soap, without dyes, as they can leave indelible on the fabric in later tracks. It is also recommended to use special crayons and pencils and markers, long remaining on the fabric. They are suitable for products tailoring which takes a long time. You can buy them in any craft store.
In addition to the various fixtures for sewing, you can not do without accessories. After all, a doll outfit you need to consider the details. Something you will find at home – buttons, beads, broken jewelry. All this is useful. Note the baby socks – they would make the perfect doll sweaters. If you want to make a decoration for your doll, use bijoutery accessories: pins, jump rings, clasps, connectors. But you can find special Dollhouse accessories. This is a special, very thin zipper, small (3 to 6 mm) buttons, miniature sequins in diameter of 2 mm, a decorative tape with a width of 1.5 mm, as well as special hooks for doll clothes.