Melt the doll 's hair and comb them until they become smooth. Gather hair in a ponytail at the crown or at the nape, then secure it with a rubber band. Tail divide into two strands and lift it up.
Thread the tip of the tail between the separated strands through the elastic band and wrap a strand of hair the base of the tail to hide the elastic under the hair.
To make the doll voluminous hair is possible, combing the hair and separating them into several parts. Secure each strand with a clip and using a round brush put each strand, pulling it from roots to ends, directing the comb up.
Brush hair from the nape of the neck, gradually moving to the top. Twist hair into curls and collect a few strands in the dolls head, pinning them beautiful clip.
Vary hairstyles – braid his hair blond doll braids and decorate them with pins and ribbons, zabivaite curls, creating an artificial mess on the head of doll, put on her headbands and ribbon, and change the image of doll with accessories.
The original barrette or elastic band with faux stones will help you to create an unusual and elegant hairstyle. A variety of braids will help to achieve a more rigorous style in the hair, especially if you pair them with a matching suit and jewellery.
If the doll short hair and hairstyles long hair not right for her, try to curl your hair into small curls and then lift them with tape or pins.