You will need
  • cardboard, glue, scissors, leather, thread, (if shoes will be knitted), leather scraps, beads for decoration
Every girl wants to look attractive and dreams that her dolls have also been beautiful. Of course, you can buy a stylish piece for your cat in the store, but you can do with your hands. The last option the best, because in this case the thing is really original, unlike the things puppet friends. And among the girls it will be possible once again to show off their creative imagination and skill.
It will take quite a bit of material. This - cardboard, glue, scissors, leather, thread, (if shoes will be knitted), leather scraps, beads for decoration. Can the progress be useful for something else. It depends on the imagination and regardless of what model of shoes. But that will come in handy in a huge number of is patience, especially if the shoes will have to do for such tiny legs, like Barbie. But as they say, patience and work – all will grind. So I collected will in a fist and start to work.
First you need to decide what will make the sole. A great option here can be cardboard, covered in leather or fabric, fit and tube. Heels is an integral part of stylish shoes. Dainty feet shoes for Barbie can be provided with heels, made from scraps of rods ballpoint pens or Chinese chopsticks.
Shoe uppers will fit a variety of material. Easy satin strip attached to the sole, and here we have a beautiful lace-up leather upper, and we have elegant shoes, shoesmade of cloth is the original home Slippers.
Secure shoes on the foot of the doll will help thin strips of fabric, and are best suited for these purposes, a small chain, and strung on a thread of beads, can serve as an elegant tie.
Shoes for dolls, and you can link to. Then the sole, and the top will of thread. Very original Barbie would look knitted boots.
How to decorate shoes for a doll? Here there are no restrictions. Suitable beads, rhinestones, and small buttons. In other words, whatever is at hand. The main thing that it was beautiful, shiny, glittering and glamorous.
How to make <b>shoes</b> for Barbie