Advice 1: How to sew clothes for Barbie doll

Sewing dolls and clothes for them is very hard but exciting work. Barbie doll, whose body is as close to a human, help to realize their wildest dreams, even in this miniature version. Master the art of sewing under force of any seamstress.
Sewing doll clothes is hard, but rewarding work
Material for doll clothes may be the remains of any fabrics, furs, leather, clothes of children, that they become small. You can also use the samples, which many companies produce in directories. Exactly what produced exclusive pieces of fabric in an amount sufficient for one dress or coat. The best fabrics for the Barbie clothes are cotton, wool, linen, fine knit, lace and silk. Before the cut, the fabric needs to be washed and ironed. For finishing ball gown, evening dresses dolls perfect beads, glass beads, slim satin ribbons.
Basic dimensions figures Barbie dolls (they may vary within the indicated limits):
Height – 29 cm;
Chest girth (CG) – 13-14 cm;
Width over the chest (C1) is 6.5 cm;
Width at chest (SG2) – 7,5-8 cm;
Waist circumference (From) – 8 cm;
Low hip (About) – 12,5-13 cm;
The length of the legs with the inner side of the ankle 13-13,5 cm;
The length of the hands on the outside of the 8-9 cm;
Length from neck to waist (at) 6-6,5 cm;
To create patterns you can use as special editions for the dolls, and the usual patterns for adults. You will need only to adjust the pattern to fit the display of Barbie. On the Internet resources, you can find a lot of patterns created by umelitsy, and special programs. First, choose a simple pattern with a minimum of parts. To find should be with chalk or a thin marker.
The main problem faced by sewing clothes for Barbie is stitching fine details and stitch sleeves to armhole. It's better to do manually on a typewriter. First align the sleeve and armhole, fasten it in four locations, which will not allow the sleeve to shift. Only then sew the sleeve to the armhole round. The edges of sleeves, hem of the dress and all open cuts easy to handle with ready piping or tape edge to the cut is bent, superimposed ribbon and stitched.

Advice 2 : How to sew doll clothes Bratz

Dolls Bratz – the fashion girls, so clothes for them should be trendy, diverse and outfits should be plenty. Clothes for these dolls in the store is quite expensive, to get out of the situation will help you sewing. Try to sew things with their hands, because surely you can find a lot of small scraps.
How to sew doll clothes Bratz
Before you start sewing, build pattern-based. To do this, use foil. Take a small piece and very gently bend the body of the doll, lay the pleats where necessary, cut excess with razor blade or box cutter. Flatten the structure, cut at the shoulder and side lines, cut tuck. Transfer, the resulting pattern on the paper. Make the basis for bodice, skirts and trousers. Using simulation methods for real clothes, change the basis of patterns.
Once you have built the pattern, lay the parts on the wrong side of the fabric and draw around it with a pencil or tailor's chalk. Cut out the part, leaving a seam of 0.5 cm Sew shoulder and side seams. The sections handle a zigzag stitch or manual stitch seam, then the product will not fall apart after the first game. Vsheyte sleeves. As a closure, use the Velcro-Velcro. Cut a small piece and sew it on the back. Decorate the bodice with lace, satin ribbon, sequins, etc.
After cutting parts of the skirt, stitch the Darts. Then sew the side seams. Sew a piece of Velcro to the zipper and sew the waistband. Recheck the length of the product, brownite hem and hem hem. Very simple to sew skirt casual floor-the sun or the sun. Measure the waist of the doll. In order to make the skirt semi-sun, divide it into three and draw a semicircle with that radius. For the skirt cut the sun (it will get thicker), divide the waist circumference by six and draw a circle. Hem the bottom and sew the belt. Skirt ready.
Complete outfits hats and jewelry. Sew caps, berets, scarves, shawls. Make beads and bead bracelets. They will be easier to put on the doll, if instead of string you use rubber vein.
Using pattern-based, you'll be able to make absolutely any outfit for your Bratz doll starting with underwear and ending with a fur coat. Girls will be able to help you in creating the outfits for the doll ladies will learn to use a needle and thread will acquire the skills of needlework. In addition, during the game, you will be able to cultivate a taste for clothes.
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