The soul of the company can only be a person knowledgeable and resourceful. So try to learn more useful to be interested in innovations in different fields. Of course, it is impossible to know everything. First, determine the interests of this group of people and try to delve into more detail this area. Typically, companies are organized or from colleagues, or former classmates, or people with a common hobby. So if you got to the cat fanciers, get ready to keep the conversation on the theme of care for these animals.
Be honest. No need to write and try to keep the conversation on topics that did not make sense. It's better in this case, shut up. But do listen with attention and curiosity. So not only do you make a good impression, but also learn something new for yourself. This knowledge will be useful in the future.
Always be yourself. No need to adjust to other people's opinions. You have a certain view of things, to Express it. But one should not be too Intrusive. If people do not perceive your arguments, you shouldn't translate the conversation to shouting or waving his arms. So you can walk to fight. Anyway, everyone remains at the opinion.
Remember that the soul of the company is the person cheerful, cheerful, smiling, pleasant in communication. He never puts your problems in public. On the contrary, he tries to distract others from the gloomy thoughts. Therefore, the knowledge of anecdotes and funny stories of life necessarily. Regularly check comic websites, choose something that can cheer friends, cheer up.
Just keep in mind that the soul of the company is not a clown who tries to make everyone laugh at any cost. One should not mock others over their shortcomings or feelings. Do not show your financial advantage or physical advantage. Be friendly to people and then you will really become the center of attention.