You will need
  • literature in social psychology.
Be natural and friendly. Never try to show yourself who you really are. Do not attribute to itself the qualities or skills that don't actually possess. Lies, even small, is always a clear and just set up a company against you.
Demonstrate a willingness to go on contact. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the interests and habits of possible future friends. Just find a middle ground. Intrusive and too personal questions can only be annoying.
Be friendly. But do not forget about personal boundaries. The desire to help new friends is great. Importantly from a voluntary helper will not turn a normal person "to run errands". Here friendship ends. So learn to say "no" if the request goes against your personal interests. The ability to behave with dignity will only enhance credibility.
Acquainted with a new company, try immediately to fix the relationship. Of course, if you're interested. Do not give up joint get-togethers in a cafe or friendly parties. Try to take the initiative and organize a trip to some interesting place.
Don't be embarrassed. Remember that you are surrounded by exactly the same people, with their complexes and problems. The only difference between them and you, that they have long known each other. So you need to try to correct and learn them as well.
No doubt you have some talent. Do not hesitate to disclose them. Only, again, without compulsion and without a sense of superiority. Talented people are always of interest and respect.
One more thing. If you are constantly trying to tie a new relationship, but time after time nothing comes out, what are some of your personal qualities can serve as a hindrance. Ask friends, because it is often more noticeable. After ascertaining the problem, start working on yourself using literature in social psychology. You can always buy a new quality and become a truly interesting person. And then, perhaps, already others will think about how to please you and your company.