Start to clear your own energy field. Discard any manifestation of such emotions as irritation, anger, criticism, anger and so forth, that is, get rid of internal negativity. Set yourself in a positive way that reached out to you good people.
Build your confidence in yourself and the future, try to overcome their complexes and fears, if any. After all, these qualities do not apply to a charismatic personality. Urgently raise their self-esteem, to achieve success and develop charisma.
Try to be more "versatile" man, that is interested in whatever you can be interested in, cultivate various talents. Get carried away with sports, work only on the work that you like, communicate more, develop not only physically, but spiritually.
Be independent, develop thinking outside the box, look for own way. It allows the person to consider himself a charismatic personality and lead many people. You clearly know what you want from this life and to follow goals.
Be proactive man. And coupled with tireless optimism and sense of his own indispensability this quality becomes one of the main. Believe me, these people aspire to be like many and loved by many.
Learn simple and at the same time meaningful to Express their thoughts, put competent speech. This is very important, because otherwise you just won't be able to charge other people with their own ideas. Use gestures, facial expressions, try to develop your own unique type of behavior.
And, perhaps most importantly, be natural. All power, all energy has to come from within and be real, but not imaginary. Warmth and sincerity are highly valued in every person.