First of all, important the right attitude: positive, cheerful and friendly towards others. Suppose that instead of the surly expression on the face you will have a sincere smile!
To be sociable is not a means to communicate with everyone. But if you want as soon as possible to develop the skill of communication, practice communicating constantly. This means not leaving situations when you need to communicate, and to look for these situation. And don't say you have no one to talk to! Lot of people around you, and in each you can find something interesting, everybody is pleased to hear the compliment.
Saw one of my neighbours happily say Hello, ask about something or make a compliment. Standing at the cash register in the store – salesman smile, say something pleasant. Looking for a street – feel free to ask any passer-by, thank, say something nice or just smile. It all seems a trifle, but in fact, you are taught thus to be open to the world and people.
Take the initiative. If you are in an unfamiliar company, do not need to sit in the corner and wait until someone will pay attention. Walk up to someone and start a conversation. No need to invent anything, just say something like "hi, I'm Lena, what's your name?.. I'm here for the first time, just thought I'd pop in on this party. And you come here often?" That's all. Every beginning that comes to mind, and then you will not notice how you start to communicate.
Often at unsociable person is the problem – where to start the conversation, what to talk about. No need to think, act off the cuff! Know what people like to talk the most? About yourself! So show genuine interest and attention to people. Ask about what interests them the most about themselves. For example, about Hobbies or Hobbies. Listen, ask. And most importantly, show understanding is what need to all people.
If you are laconic, it does not mean that you can't be sociable. All you need is to show to the people and ask about them. For example, you call the client, you said last time that his son went to school. Ask how success in school, whether the school child.
Will not be superfluous in communication and a sense of humor.
If you are shy, it is often at unsociable people not to dwell on this. The more you communicate, the faster you get rid of your shyness. And yet treat it with humor and slowly overcome your fear of communication. And, by the way, most people like shy people. It's not fatal! For example, the famous Andy Warhol has always been shy, but this did not prevent him from becoming successful and self-actualization in creativity.
Do not show arrogance or self-abasement in communication. Behave naturally and easy, and you don't have to feign anything.
Just be yourself, and you will definitely succeed!