To be interesting to other people, you need constant self-improvement and development. Constantly learn something new, learn, explore, expand your horizons. With erudite person always has something to talk about, he's always interesting. Find your passion. Doesn't matter what it is: a drawing or diving, dancing or gardening. You at least will always be interesting to those who share your passion. In addition, enthusiastic personality, dedicated to his hobby, often becoming successful, gaining recognition and respect in society. And the success will make you interesting for a huge number of people. Be comprehensively developed person. Deep passion for something one must not make you one-sided personality. Interested in art, sports, music, astronomy, literature, etc. to Learn something new during the whole life, the only way to avoid degradation of the personality. Share your knowledge with others − this fact is the meaning of communication with interesting people! Best of all this was said by George Bernard Shaw: "if we exchange apples then you and I will have one Apple. If we exchange ideas, then you and I will have two ideas". The pursuit of new knowledge inherent in the people. And if you will be a source of knowledge, of interest to you do not run out. Learn how to beautifully Express their thoughts, correctly to present the information and you will provide yourself with an audience of grateful listeners, who listens to your every word and think you're a very interesting person. Accept and love yourself as you are. Each person is interesting in its own way, "in every person is hidden a universe." Look at yourself, identify your strong traits and develop them. Don't hide from people their talents and achievements. But some disadvantages can be part of its unique image. Don't be afraid to have an opinion on everything and defend it if necessary. Many people are afraid to stand out and prefer life to be part of the crowd. Take a chance, find your way, fall and rise again. The richer your life experience, the more interesting you are to others. Use your sense of humor. The wit and glibness is the most reliable way to gain fans and friends. One who knows how to joke and defuse the situation is never bored alone. Smile, call the smile of others, and you will always be in the spotlight!