Register SP, NACE code 37.10.1.
Make a business plan. Keep in mind it costs not only on the rental and purchase of equipment but also the cost of purchasing a large number of scrap metal from the population. Plan a initial capital for starting a business not less than 150 000 rubles.
Find a place to do business. When choosing, keep in mind that you need a minimum area of 50-200 sq. m. for metal storage and for placing weights. Provide site security. It is best to have your item was located next to the private sector and had very convenient access road.
Purchase equipment: scales-capacity cranes for ferrous metals and a dial scale with weights for color. Over time, your business may expand and you'll need costly automatic equipment, but these costs will pay off quickly.
Hire employees, initially it can be a inspector and sorter. To save temporarily unable to take metals personally, and the sorter to hire.
Let the announcement of metal scrap from the population. To do this, use the local press and street posting leaflets. The receiving process rigidly control personally and instruct employees to stop the illegal scrapping of objects obtained through illegal means. Lead the registration of an adopted metal. These measures will allow to avoid problems with law enforcement.
Also organize the sale and export of the adopted metal for further processing.