Advice 1: How to obtain a license for the pawnbroker

Pawn shops give the citizens short-term loans secured on jewellery, jewelry, video equipment, silverware. This is a very profitable business, although to open a pawnshop you need to have a license.
How to obtain a license for the pawnbroker
You will need
  • - the Charter (for legal entities);
  • - a certificate of registration;
  • - lease agreement;
  • - conclusion of State Inspection of Assay Supervision, SES and the fire service;
  • - certificate from the tax;
  • medical records of employees;
  • - data on presence of a specially equipped premises;
  • print.
To open a pawnshop may as a legal entity and individual entrepreneur individual entrepreneurs (entrepreneur without forming a legal entity). But to open a pawn shop will need a license, and to obtain it - a huge number of documents and a serious amount of money.
The authority that issues a license is the Department of licensing in the sphere of consumer market and services of the Licensing Chamber. The procedure for obtaining a license established by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 9 October 1995, No. 984. In the Licensed House you will need to submit, besides the documents on company registration, permits from many state authorities: SES, office of the state fire service, the security service and the territorial inspections of assay supervision.
The last conclusion you need to confirm the possibility of admission of articles of precious metals and stones. For the license fee relies solid state, as well as for the consideration of the application. For example, for examination of the documents need to pay three minimum wage salaries (they are paid when applying for a license), but for the license - ten minimum salaries.
The cost of getting the license recorded in the accounting records depending on the period for which it is issued. If it's more than a year, a license account on the account 04 "Intangible assets"; if the license expires less than or equal to year on account of a 32 "deferrals".
In any case, the costs of acquiring licenses are included in the cost of services of Lombard for all time, as long as the license and are written off partial shares in proportion to the value of the license. Usually a license is issued for three years, and the term of consideration of the application for the license is one month.

Advice 2 : How to start buying gold

Before the opening of the purchase, consider all the stages of its organization, because it affects the stability of the business in the future. It is also important to study the current laws regarding this activity and open the case on legal grounds.
How to start buying gold
You will need
  • - copies of the Charter and constituent documents;
  • - copy of certificate on state registration;
  • - copies of documents for registration of the premises;
  • card of registration.
Sign up as an individual entrepreneur, if your primary goal is the discovery of buying, or as a legal entity, provided that the company will also provide pawnshop services. You need to contact your local tax office.
Please register as a legal entity, which is necessary to provide a Protocol on the opening of the company, Memorandum of Association, including the personal papers of each of the founders, and the Constitution. Individual entrepreneurs need to provide the passport and the INN. In addition, the tax office must issue a register to transfer to MCI registration documents, print and receive codes of statistics.
Find and hire the right to open the buying room. Best of all, if it is located in the business center of the city. Go sanitary and fire inspection of the premises, inviting employees of local services.
Arrange permits for work with precious metals in the assay chamber or the Federal financial monitoring service (for pawn). Find out the address of the nearest office of the State assay office and submit there the necessary documents, which includes:

- certified copies of the Charter and constituent documents;
- a certified copy of the certificate of state registration;
filled in the prescribed form card registration;
- INN;
- To EGRUL/egrip and codes statistics;
- certified copies of papers on the premises.
Purchase the necessary equipment. For example, to work with precious metals requires a special Deposit box in the room you need to install a mini-camera near the entrance and designated inspector. Equip your office with quality furniture and appliances. Computers must be running the latest licensed version of the software for documentation. In addition, conclude agreements with the insurance company and security company, is adding an alarm on the front door and safe.
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