To obtain a license, to apply to the registering authority (Department of natural resources and environment) and submit notarized copies of the constituent documents of the enterprise (company), as well as the original payment order on state duty payment with Bank's notation. The registration of the license can take from two to three months, it is issued for a period of five years after which it must extend.
But you need to know that this is not all, because the license is a document that will regulate the activities of your company in the statutory regulations. And, accepting the license agreement, you agree to assume the obligations to ensure control over radiation, fire, etc. security of non-ferrous metals, as well as equipping of all platforms on which it will be required equipment.
So, you will have to acquire scales and dosimeters, devices for firing metal cutting, hoisting equipment, measuring devices. And, in addition, you will need special rooms for storage of cylinders and fuel tanks. All equipment must meet safety requirements and accepted norms and standards, certificates and other documents. Also, the state of your enterprise must be specially trained skilled workers. Without fulfillment of these conditions you risk not to obtain work permits from non-ferrous metals.
In past years, free collection and delivery of scrap metal has been very profitable affair for both parties – the seller and the buyer. But today, with the tightening of criminal and administrative liability for illegal activities, as they say, is not always "worth" worth the costs incurred. And which of serious business people will want to work with an unlicensed firm? So that your business develop and profitable, you need to issue the appropriate license.