Advice 1: How to get a family hostel

Family hostel are available to employees if on balance there is a hostel, and nonresident students who started families during the training period. The distribution of seats is engaged in the administration agreed with the trade Union. Room is provided on the basis of a model contract of employment (Government resolution of the Russian Federation No. 42 of January 26, 2006).
How to get a family hostel
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • - birth certificate of the child.
Contact the administration of the enterprise or to the Dean of the Institute to the authorized representative a statement to get a room in the family Dorm.
Your family put on the waiting list, or when availability can provide the hostel immediately.
Present your valid passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate of the child, if you have children. These are the documents necessary for the conclusion of the contract of employment.
Sign a contract for the entire period of study at the University or for the entire period of employment with the company. For working getting a room in the family residence may be issued for the period until the improvement of living conditions. You will specify in the contract all the terms and conditions of employment, your rights and obligations and the terms of payment and liability of the parties for the safety of property and the provision of conditions for living.
You will receive on sanitary standards, the room rate of not less than 6 square meters per person. If you have a family consists of two people, you can provide a room of 12 square meters of three – 18 square meters. For large families are two or three rooms in one section.
All persons residing in the hostel should strictly observe internal regulations, fire, public safety, and care for entrusted assets to make timely payment, to comply with all provisions of the tenancy agreement. For failure to comply with rules and regulations of the dormitory administration with the trade Union organization may decide on eviction and termination of the contract unilaterally.
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The amount of payment for a room in the family residence may not exceed 5% of total family income or the amount of the scholarship. Exempt from payment students who are on full state provision, disabled persons of groups 1 and 2.

Advice 2: How to write off the mortgage at birth

In the current economic situation in Russia, young couples it is very difficult to acquire their own property. Often even the most modest Studio apartment for young families becoming unaffordable luxury.
How to write off the mortgage at birth

The program "Young family — affordable housing"

The state program "Young family – affordable housing" allows couples under 35 years of age to purchase housing. Feature of this program is that borrowers can count on debt relief for child birth.

This is very important, because young families whose children are born, just don't have more opportunities to meet their obligations to banks. It just needs help from the state.

Feature of the program "Young family – affordable housing"

When a young family has a child, the state writes off part of the mortgage through the allocation of subsidies. It is also worth noting that the cancellation of the mortgage occurs at birth and the first and second child. If it so happens that in the period of the mortgage, the family will have their third kid, the government will cover the debts of a young family.

The birth of a child, the state shall repay the loan amount, which is equal to the value of 18 square meters. So, if in the period of the loan the young family was born two children, the state will repay the cost of 36 square meters, purchased on credit housing. In the case of the birth of her third child, the government will pay the loan balance.

A practice long common in Europe. Now this positive experience took over in Russia that helps to make the mortgage more affordable.

How to apply for the cancellation of the mortgage at birth

Since the allocation of subsidies on the loan is repaid at the expense of the local budget, the birth of a child must send an application to the local authorities and provide a list of required documentation.

Documents to be submitted to the local authorities:

- the documents confirming the personality of each family member participating in the program;

- marriage certificate;

- birth certificate of the child;

- extract from the house register and financial account, which the young family can obtain residence.

A mandatory condition when filing the documents is the presence of the originals and notarized copies.

More information on the cancellation of mortgage at the birth of the young child's family must be obtained from local authorities.

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