Student residence

The experience of living in a student dormitory there are many of those who studied away from home. Most recalls it with pleasure, but it is a young easier to suck it up for the difficulties of life easier to accept the fact that your personal space is violated regularly. And in such circumstances this cannot be avoided. Often in a room populated by people not previously familiar with each other, and you have to make some efforts of everyone to make a life together if not comfortable, at least tolerable.

To the process of adapting to College life were faster and easier, it is better acquainted with new roommates, discuss with them the issues pertaining to domestic arrangement:

- where each of the tenants to sleep, store their belongings;
- when and who will carry out the cleaning of the room;
- how will eat: together to buy food and cook, or every man for himself, will the stocks brought from home in a "common pot" or remain in "individual use";
what, specifically, each of the neighbors can and wants to do for the improvement of the room, etc.

The more details will be discussed these topics, the less misunderstandings will arise in the future.

You should pay attention to the coordination modes of study and rest, otherwise conflicts would be difficult to avoid. Well, when the room is home to students studying in the same group. But it also happens that the neighbors are learning in different courses and even departments. It is important that everyone has had time to work out and relax without disturbing others, it is also worth discussing.

Of course, student life is not only study, but also active communication. And the hostel a place where the neighbors decided to go easily, without a special invitation. If all residents of the room not against such order – so be it. But still, if someone specifically invites you, it is good to warn your teammates in advance and ask if they've got more important things (say, exam preparation).

Family hostel

But not only the students have the opportunity to join the "joys of a shared life". A lot of families, not just young, are struggling with housing and have to settle for a room in the family Dorm. Of course, life there is different from the student primarily to the fact that each family occupies a separate room, in which it is possible to equip a small world to your liking, regardless of outsiders.

But even here there are limitations. While staying in a hostel, it is still necessary to reckon with those who is close by, behind the wall.
Keep quiet in the period from 23 to 9 hours. Of course, this requirement is true for living in separate apartments but in the hostel, as a rule, sound better. And if the ear is included yelling at the neighbors TV, go to sleep in the other room will not work.

Try to organize your life inside your personal space (room), do not wash it in public places. Corridors, shared kitchens and other similar spaces not intended for your children, meeting your guests and family quarrels.
Do not deny the neighbors in a small service if it is not too burdensome for you. If a neighbor asks to borrow a tool, the ladder, to gain a small amount (in exceptional cases). Good relations with neighbours in the dormitory can not hurt, because a joint household questions on repair, maintenance, cleaning, etc. is still necessary.

Common areas

Rules for the use of such areas including shared kitchen, showers, toilets and corridors are generally the same for family and student dormitories:

- observe cleanliness in a public areas;
- do not use someone else's furniture, appliances, dishes without permission;
- do not break the cleaning schedule of common areas, if installed;
- do not use common areas for personal needs (for example, arrange a "reception" for their guests in the shared kitchen or Playground of kids in the hall);
- try to use the toilet and shower are strictly by appointment and as soon as possible: perhaps someone is already waiting for their turn;
- the breakdowns and the faults of common household appliances, plumbing, etc. inform the commandant of a hostel or a higher floor.

Showing respect to neighbours, to their personal space and needs, you are entitled to expect reciprocal respect from them.