Advice 1: How to choose Dorm room

To select a Dorm room, you need to consider many factors, which can be more than buying an ordinary apartment. The right choice will help in the future to quickly and profitably sell the room.

How to choose Dorm room
Choose a room in the hostel should be, based on their requirements. You can buy for ourselves in order to live there. If you buy to rent to students, the greatest demand is for dormitories near the University. You can just invest the money and the room will be empty. Always keep in mind the location of the hostel is near shops, bus stops, kindergarten and school.
You must choose the type of Dorm. To live in the dormitory corridor type less comfortable. Because in the corridor, twenty rooms, one kitchen and one toilet. Shower may be on the floor or worse in the basement for all five floors. Room in the block is in great demand. It will be easier to rent out and live by yourself much better. In the block may be eight, four or two rooms. Order and cleanliness is easier to observe in the unit than in the hallway.
The location of room in house is very important, both for living and for resale. Corner rooms on the first and last floors are the most in demand. The first floor is always cold, the odor from the basement. When you purchase a room on the upper floors, make sure there is a technical floor or a hipped roof. The roof leaks, the heat from the hot roof in the summer and the broken elevators in the nine-storey hostels significant disadvantages when buying.
Size bought the room depends on your financial possibilities. A small room for 12 meters are less large rooms for 18 metres. In both cases you need to measure the area of the room. As a rule, the size of the room often do not meet the meters according to the documents. If the area is in fact smaller than the documents, then such purchase is not beneficial. Why pay for a virtual meter, which is not. Specify this to the seller and ask to reduce the price for the room, or refuse the purchase. So, when you go to see the next version, take a tape measure.
Rate the men in the room, as the Windows and doors. Inspect the toilet, kitchen and shower room. Determine whether you need to invest after purchase.
Find out about the status of the room - a Dorm or shared apartment. It is very important to know, because when selling a room in a communal apartment need month, to send letters to neighbors and wait for a response. For a quick sale you need to take a written waiver of each neighbor, authenticated by a notary. For sale room in a Dorm this is not required.
Examine prices on the market. Remember that each seller wants to sell as expensive as possible. There are some sellers who are not prescribed an adequate price. To enrich themselves at your expense love real estate agencies. The difference in price between the owner and the realtor can be from 10000 to 100000 rubles.
Good options buy very quickly, so not to miss any room, carrying money for Deposit.

Advice 2: How to live in the Dorm

The very meaning of the word "hostel" tells about a joint, shared accommodation. But it is not easy to get used to the conditions, so different from home. If a person lived all his life in a separate house or apartment, he will have to exert effort to rebuild their lives in unfamiliar surroundings of the hostel.
How to live in the Dorm

Student residence

The experience of living in a student dormitory there are many of those who studied away from home. Most recalls it with pleasure, but it is a young easier to suck it up for the difficulties of life easier to accept the fact that your personal space is violated regularly. And in such circumstances this cannot be avoided. Often in a room populated by people not previously familiar with each other, and you have to make some efforts of everyone to make a life together if not comfortable, at least tolerable.

To the process of adapting to College life were faster and easier, it is better acquainted with new roommates, discuss with them the issues pertaining to domestic arrangement:

- where each of the tenants to sleep, store their belongings;
- when and who will carry out the cleaning of the room;
- how will eat: together to buy food and cook, or every man for himself, will the stocks brought from home in a "common pot" or remain in "individual use";
what, specifically, each of the neighbors can and wants to do for the improvement of the room, etc.

The more details will be discussed these topics, the less misunderstandings will arise in the future.

You should pay attention to the coordination modes of study and rest, otherwise conflicts would be difficult to avoid. Well, when the room is home to students studying in the same group. But it also happens that the neighbors are learning in different courses and even departments. It is important that everyone has had time to work out and relax without disturbing others, it is also worth discussing.

Of course, student life is not only study, but also active communication. And the hostel a place where the neighbors decided to go easily, without a special invitation. If all residents of the room not against such order – so be it. But still, if someone specifically invites you, it is good to warn your teammates in advance and ask if they've got more important things (say, exam preparation).

Family hostel

But not only the students have the opportunity to join the "joys of a shared life". A lot of families, not just young, are struggling with housing and have to settle for a room in the family Dorm. Of course, life there is different from the student primarily to the fact that each family occupies a separate room, in which it is possible to equip a small world to your liking, regardless of outsiders.

But even here there are limitations. While staying in a hostel, it is still necessary to reckon with those who is close by, behind the wall.
Keep quiet in the period from 23 to 9 hours. Of course, this requirement is true for living in separate apartments but in the hostel, as a rule, sound better. And if the ear is included yelling at the neighbors TV, go to sleep in the other room will not work.

Try to organize your life inside your personal space (room), do not wash it in public places. Corridors, shared kitchens and other similar spaces not intended for your children, meeting your guests and family quarrels.
Do not deny the neighbors in a small service if it is not too burdensome for you. If a neighbor asks to borrow a tool, the ladder, to gain a small amount (in exceptional cases). Good relations with neighbours in the dormitory can not hurt, because a joint household questions on repair, maintenance, cleaning, etc. is still necessary.

Common areas

Rules for the use of such areas including shared kitchen, showers, toilets and corridors are generally the same for family and student dormitories:

- observe cleanliness in a public areas;
- do not use someone else's furniture, appliances, dishes without permission;
- do not break the cleaning schedule of common areas, if installed;
- do not use common areas for personal needs (for example, arrange a "reception" for their guests in the shared kitchen or Playground of kids in the hall);
- try to use the toilet and shower are strictly by appointment and as soon as possible: perhaps someone is already waiting for their turn;
- the breakdowns and the faults of common household appliances, plumbing, etc. inform the commandant of a hostel or a higher floor.

Showing respect to neighbours, to their personal space and needs, you are entitled to expect reciprocal respect from them.

Advice 3: How to rent a room in a communal apartment

Renting rooms in public housing, is associated with some features and challenges not encountered the owners of an apartment. Therefore, at the conclusion and execution of agreements necessary to observe a number of rules and conditions that arise because of the specificity of the relationship of the parties.
How to rent a room in a communal apartment
At the legislative level, there is no rule which be prescribed prior to the conclusion of the lease agreement to obtain the written consent of neighbors. However, it is recommended to ask them at least the oral permission for the moving of the tenant, because the latter won't like it if the neighbors will start to obstruct his move of not giving access in common areas, if not to change the lock at the front door. It is advisable to coordinate with them if a new resident has a small child or large pet, because the baby may cry at night, and the dog or cat to contaminate the hallway and kitchen.
The terms of surrender of the people directly depend on the ownership rights of its owner. If it has no "green stuff", and the housing belongs to him only on social employment, you will sign a contract acquires a number of regulations. First, you must obtain written permission to reinstate the true owner of local authorities. Second, the neighbors ' consent becomes binding. And, thirdly, it is appended with the agreement of living together with the main owner family members, and if some of them are of a minor or incompetent, and the guardianship and guardianship. The sublease becomes impossible if the norm in providing for every person living in the apartment, laid him 18 sq. m.
The lease should be spelled out the location and size of premises, amount, method and timing of entering of money resources designed to pay user charges (in cash, via Bank account). Unlike an ordinary contract, the document is about putting the people must have a point about the rules of use of the corridor, kitchen and bathroom, that is a rough schedule of when residents take a bath and wash, cook in the kitchen and wash the floor. This column should be agreed with neighbors. Prescribed paragraph, at whose expense are repairs and Troubleshooting, wiring and plumbing.
If the term of the contract is a year or more, it must be registered at the local branch of Rosreestr. Without this document will be considered invalid. In order not to complicate its execution time can be reduced, for example, up to 11 months and on its expiry to renew the contract at the same time. In case of violation of one of its points of failure to make payment or you can terminate the contract or go to court.

Advice 4: How to furnish a Dorm room

To have a comfortable area not only want happy owners of their own apartments, but also those who are forced to live in hostels. Unfortunately, to furnish a room in such conditions is very difficult, because in a small area need to accommodate several zones: work, rest, dressing and often the kitchen or even the bathroom.
How to furnish a Dorm room
You will need
  • - bright Wallpaper;
  • mirror;
  • screens or sliding doors;
  • - transforming or fold-out bed, sofa;
  • - tables;
  • - large wardrobe;
  • wall - mounted shelves;
  • - TV
  • - computer Desk and chair;
  • - bar;
  • table;
  • - chairs;
  • - fridge
  • - the chandelier;
  • - wall hanger.
Start the arrangement of the room with her visual magnification. Apply bright Wallpaper, hang mirrors, put a bulky plinth. In the interior there should be nothing dark, large, too bright or matte.
After the repair is done, divide the room into zones. To separate them visually by means of screens, transparent sliding doors or furniture. In the area place a bed, better folding or transforming. You can also put the sofa to serve as a sleeping place by night and a place to entertain guests during the day. On the sides you can put small tables, preferably bright and glossy.
In the area install a wardrobe in which to store things. It is better to put in the corner. To not have to buy a few pieces of furniture for storage, choose the large cupboard with sliding doors and a mezzanine. If you have little space, hang shelves on the walls.
In the same area, check the TV, preferably plasma. Make it so that it optionally could be seen from other parts of the room. By the end of the recreational areas make workplace - computer Desk and chair.
The kitchen area can be separated from the rest of the room by the bar. This place should be a table, some chairs and a fridge, if necessary.
If you want to make the bathroom, organize it in one of the corners at the entrance. Cut off his dense screen or thin wooden planks.
Working area must be the smallest. Place it next to the bedroom. It will serve as a computer table. If necessary, hang a chandelier, put a small bedside table, which will store the right things.
For clothing, hang near the entrance of the hanger. Do not install the outdoor options, they will conceal part of the space.
Useful advice
A good barrier between the zones can serve as an aquarium.

Advice 5: How to privatise a room in a hostel

According to article 4 of the Federal law "On privatization of housing Fund" the privatization of rooms in hostels is not possible, but to achieve the transfer of housing to your property it is really because of the differences in the current legislation.
Privatization Dorm room is possible only at observance of certain conditions.
A few decades ago, privatization of rooms in hostels were commonplace. However, today the situation has changed, and to transfer the housing property, it was granted to you to use until March 1, 2004, it was then that he started to act, the Housing code, now prohibiting the privatization of rooms in hostels. In addition, you need to find out, was not whether the hostel is under the control of the local authorities, i.e. you will have to prove that the hostel has long been is not.
If you live in a building that has officially lost the status of a hostel, and is served by utilities, you have every right to privatize their room. At the legislative level, it turns out that you live in apartment under the contract sotsnayma, which is one of the documents authorizing the privatization. If you live in a building that belongs to state or municipal enterprise, privatization of the room you are also allowed.
If you got a room in the dormitory after March 1, 2004, to privatize the room, you are not eligible. However, in January 2006 the Russian government introduced a decree that allows you to transfer a room to your property, if the residence you have been officially granted after 14 February 2006. In litigation you will easily be able to prove that you got a room under contract of social hiring, and consequently, you have the right to privatize it. Remember that the mandatory condition for privatization is its isolation. You are not allowed to execute in its own part of the room, an intermediate room or a separate corner.
For privatization, you will need a passport, birth certificate and marriage (divorce) anyone who lives in the room with you. Also prepare passport facilities, the contract sotsnayma and receipts on payment of utilities for the last three months. Visit the management, take the extract from the house register and a certificate stating that the room has not previously been privatized by anyone. Next, you will need to visit BTI and to the explication of the room, then you can submit all documents to the regional Department of Department of Department of housing stock and housing policy. Usually the paperwork takes three months.

Advice 6: What documents are issued at the sale room in the hostel

Housing privatization is still ongoing, but only until March 1, 2015, therefore, very important to have time to become the owner of the property in which you reside under the contract of social hiring, even if it's a Dorm room. After it is privatized, you can do anything with it – donate or sell.
Photo: Alexey Radchenko
Sell a room in a hostel, which is considered a specialized housing is impossible, since the law "On privatization of housing Fund in the Russian Federation" stipulated a direct ban on privatization of such premises. But in article 7 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation such privatization is permitted subject to the requirements: the hostel should belong to municipal or state enterprises and, in addition, it is necessary that it was translated on the balance sheet of the municipality and recognized, thus, of apartment buildings with communal apartments. Only after that you may enter into with the owner of the house – municipality – agreement of social hiring, on the basis of which will be privatized apartment and obtained the certificate of ownership.
The transfer of hostels in the housing stock of municipalities is made on the basis of the decision of the head of the municipality. In the case where your hostel is not listed on the balance sheet of the municipality, should contact the court with one of the possible requirements either to compel the municipality to conclude a contract with you privatization, or for you to recognize the right of ownership by way of privatization of occupied in fact the dwelling.
Under the contract of social hiring or the decision of the court you can change the status of the room and to the territorial bodies rosreestra Certificate of ownership of the dwelling. Then you have full right to sell it, but now you have to get from neighbors of the former hostel, a waiver of preemptive rights for the purchase of your room. It is a right they have, since the communal rooms are in shared ownership. Reglamentary this order of article 250 of the civil code of the Russian Federation.
When selling a room in a former dormitory from the seller must be shown at registration of the transaction in bodies of Federal registration service the following documents:
- the certificate on the property right to a room in an apartment house;
- agreement of purchase and sale in writing signed by both parties;
- the refusal of neighbors from the pre-emptive right of purchase;
- the payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of the transaction;
- the permission from guardianship and guardianship, if the room together with you reside minor children;
- consent of spouse to sell the room, notarized.
The contract of sale does not require notarization.
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