Most houses for students there is a list of such rules, with him you will always be present at check-in. A set of requirements for living in the Dorm students are quite standard. No Smoking in the rooms and public areas, do not use electrical appliances in order to fire safety, to keep quiet after 23 o'clock, etc. Is a strict set of laws it must follow. Otherwise you can be evicted.
You have to share a room with strangers, and everyone has their own habits. To avoid conflict, just agree with neighbors about the rules, which will stick together. Who and on what days does the cleaning, to how many hours you can visit and will work the TV (computer), schedule showers, etc. When all these domestic issues are agreed upon, you will have no problems. If you were unable to reach an agreement, try to change the room.
In the process of living in a Dorm, try to always be yourself. Do not attempt to attribute non-existent qualities, you will be close to communicate with people at the household level and all of your strengths and weaknesses will be clearly visible. Always there to help, if you have been asked. So you will be respected among other students of the hostel.
The only thing that should not get involved, is to give money. Students are renowned for their eternal lack of money, and if you start to give money to anyone asking for a loan - soon they find yourself in their position. If you persistently ask politely, tactfully refuse. After several attempts, you will fall behind.
If you have any conflict with any of the students living in a Dorm, don't complain to the commandant. Try to handle this on their own, not to gain a reputation as a "Snitch".