If the room is privatized, the scenario depends on who the owner is you or another person. If you base will serve as the certificate of ownership of the room. If not - the statement for you to dwelling with the accommodation in the room of the owner (if it's in a room alone) or the contract of gratuitous use of premises, is signed not only by you and the owner, but all who are registered in the room.

This document must be notarized or the commandant of a hostel or other person carrying out functions of the passport guy.
If your moving into privatized Dorm room, on the balance of the legal entity belongs to one or entirely to the right of ownership, the application must come from the owner, or to be contracted to use the living room between you and him.

The signature of the owner or lessee in this case is verified by a seal.
Earliest check-in at the hostel, located on municipal or state structures, usually the contract of social hiring, which serves as the basis for registration at the place of residence.
Along with the basis for registration must be filed with a standard package of documents: application for registration (available for download on the portal, take in the migration office, the commandant of a hostel or in the passport office of the housing Department, if he deals with issues of residence in a particular dormitory) passport and in the presence of a piece of departure.

If you are discharged from your previous place of residence, fill in the corresponding part of the application for registration.

Passport with stamp of registration must give you within three days after receiving the documents.