You will need
  • - notarized copies of documents about education of both spouses;
  • - certified copies of passports;
  • - a certified copy of the marriage certificate;
  • - statement of work books;
  • - salary certificates;
  • - medical report on the health status of both spouses;
  • - an application to the guardianship and custody of the desire to open children's home of family type;
  • - the consent of all co-resident family members;
  • the act of inspection of premises.
Family-type orphanages created on the basis of families who are willing and able to take care of from five to ten children. It is necessary to obtain the consent of all members of the family, cohabiting family members, and adopted children who have reached the age of ten. In the family's home total number of children (including families and adopted children) may not exceed twelve people.
First, you need to get a conclusion that reaffirms the ability of spouses to become teachers in the orphanage of family type. For this we need to collect the documents folder and write the application to the guardianship and curatorship at the place of your residence.
The application should enclose notarized copies of documents about education of both spouses, marriage certificate and passports. In addition, to take on the job of an extract from the work record and certificate of the established sample about the average wage, and to obtain medical opinion about the condition.
Based on the collected documents filed with the application and the certificate of inspection of the guardianship of the living conditions of the family wishing to establish a children's home, within one month decision is made about the possibility of spouses to be caregivers.
If the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship is negative, you must report it within ten days. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation may be appealed in the established order.
If the conclusion is positive, between the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship and the future children's home of family type is a contract, which discusses all the nuances: the number of foster children and the dates of their stay in the family's home, as well as the teachers salary and the amount of benefits paid for each child.
The age of the children transferred to education in family children's homes, can be very different: from birth until the age of eighteen. To provide psychological comfort be sure to enlist the consent of each child and adult, taking on the responsibilities of educators. Also take into account the opinion of the administration of the state institution where the child is.