You will need
  • - a document confirming the absence of (and copies);
  • - the application for recalculation;
  • - passport;
  • - the act of discrepancy of utility services;
  • - the payment document.
To get reimbursed for the unused services, save, or assemble documents needed to confirm a temporary absence in the living room. Arriving from a business trip, make a copy of the issued travel documents or take a certificate of employment on secondment. Vpisyvayas of the inpatient treatment institution or finishing a Spa treatment, don't forget to get help or to make an extract from of medical history with the treatment time. Arriving in another city for a long time, take care of the certificate from the internal Affairs bodies about the temporary registration. Resting on turputevku, save air or rail tickets, as well as expense, paid for a ticket. The basis for confirming the temporary absence can serve accounts for a stay in a hostel or hotel, tickets there and back, the help from the organization that was guarding the premises during the absence of the tenant and other documents.
Write the application on recalculation for utilities, attach the document and go to the management company or TSZH, ZHEK, HBC) that meets or serves the house. Be prepared for the fact that some organizations that supply utilities require the user with justifying documents were personally in their establishment, bypassing TSZH, ZHEK or HBC. In this case, don't forget to grab your passport and prepare multiple copies of documents-grounds for recalculation, as the hot and cold water supply, drainage and gas provide different performers.
Within five working days after the application for the utility service provider shall recalculate, which will be reflected in the payment document the following month payment. Recalculated the amount to be deducted, is with a minus sign in the column "Eliminations".
If the apartment is systematically turned off the water without any reason, if the hot water does not meet the regulatory degrees or heating leaves much to be desired, to apply to an organization that serves the house. In response to your claim will check on the compliance of supplied services. After checking, an act for the defective services, specifying the filing date of poor service or lack of. One copy of the act signed by the contractor and the consumer, take and go with it for recalculation.
If the failure of services are made or planned in connection with the emergency situation, data for recalculation of payment for utility services (in accordance with the provisional regulations) to the contractor of services to provide management companies. Pay attention to correct allocation based on payment documents.