Eat more often. In order to get better, you'll have to get used to eating not less than five or six times a day. Your task - not to allow the body to feel hunger. Of course, overeating is not worth it. Eat as much food to feel full. If the volume of the stomach does not allow there are many, will have it gradually stretch. For example, drink half a liter of water at a time.
Focus on proteins. Slip power in the direction of protein because it is involved in the formation of muscles that you need to increase. Eggs, meat, fish, chicken, cheese, beans, cheese and other dairy products - all of which should be in your diet on a daily basis and in large quantity.
Do not forget about carbohydrates. They will help to accelerate the weight gain. Pasta, potatoes, rice can be used as a garnish. Be sure to eat the bread. Selecting the sweet bread, you will get better at the expense of adipose tissue, leading to not the most attractive figure. Better to eat whole wheat bread.
Be sure to eat vegetables and fruits. They will help the body to cope with food, that is, contribute to the digestion. With them you will get the vitamins and minerals needed by the body in the phase of active weight gain.
Try protein shakes. They are made of powder, which is sold in sports stores. Before its use is not superfluous to consult with your doctor.
Do not be tempted to gain weight quickly, eating fast food, sandwiches and chips with a beer. So you only will acquire adipose tissue that will lead to health problems, and then you will have to lose weight and not get fat. A healthy diet would be more appropriate. If you do not really understand how to combine the necessary products, visit a nutritionist. In it you will receive a specific list of products and dishes from them every day.