Plan the diet according to the body's needs. The caloric need of the body provide proteins (50%), fats and carbohydrates. Check the condition of internal organs. Sometimes, gallbladder is not doing its role in digestion, secreting into the bowel too little bile. In this case, you just can't put on weight until until they provide 100% absorption of fats entering the body with food.
Try to eliminate from the diet chocolate, sausages, cooked foods that are high in fat. Eat lots of butter, fresh cream. These products are well digested even with a diseased liver. Can eat any breads, rice, vegetable fat, salt pork fat, goose fat cheeses, semolina, honey cakes, boiled ham, nuts, cocoa.
Increase the total number of meals, dividing them into small doses, so as not to overload the stomach. If your thinness is associated with the extension or omission of the stomach, you can try a diet Weir-Mitchell. Its essence lies in the fact that in the first three or four days eat only dairy products. Then include in the diet of scrambled eggs, bread, butter, fruit and milk porridge. Such a diet should be two to three days. In the following days, eat the meat, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Daily intake of milk will reduce to one liter.
Increase to not less than 100 grams per day consumption of protein foods, if your thinness is associated with recovery from illness. Arrange the food beautifully decorate the dish, it enhances the appetite. Make sure to eat eggs, meat and milk. Gradually increase daily calorie intake, bringing it to 5000.
Perhaps you eat well, have excellent appetite, and weight not gain. You can use the system power, which eliminates the burden on the liver and stomach. In this case, the days of enhanced food interspersed with days of normal eating. Daily diet as follows: Breakfast includes oatmeal, soup, sandwiches of white bread and butter, jam, jam. The second Breakfast consists of a Cup of milk, bread and a piece of fatty sausage. Third Breakfast includes a bowl of broth with pasta or noodles, 100 grams of meat, 300 grams of potatoes, fried in oil or fat, mashed potatoes with sour cream and butter. For dessert consume pudding with raspberry jam. At lunch, eat 200 grams of potatoes, fried in oil, vegetable salad, 30 grams of greasy sausages, 20 grams of butter and 30 grams of bread. Before bed prepare cocoa muesli with Apple or chocolate.
Drink before every meal a glass of fruit juice, which can add 50 grams of sugar. This will give you 250 calories and also causes additional release of stimulating the appetite of insulin.
Wake up, eat on an empty stomach one tablespoon of honey (in the case when there are no product allergies). Try to eat Breakfast products recommended by English physicians. Such a diet will give you 100 calories. Eat 100 grams of meat, 100 grams of sugar or 0.5 liters of condensed milk and a bun. During the day drink one can of condensed milk, it will give 350 calories. In whole milk add dry equivalent, sugar. This will get 370 calories.