You will need
  • leather or a plastic imitation;
  • — scissors;
  • — stationery knife;
  • construction Hairdryer;
  • — soap solution;
  • — alcohol or Cologne;
  • glue.
Carefully inspect the phone. Find out whether modifications of its models with leather trim. If there is, to wrap a skin is required by analogy. If not, you will have to improvise.
Decide what parts will be covered with skin. Mostly it depends on the type of phone. A conventional candy bar is not worth it to cover the front part as it is very difficult to cut a hole under the display. If you have an IPhone, then tightening of skin can be completely back. The clamshell is appropriate to cover only the outer part.
Disassemble phone, to dismantle those parts that will obthayutsya. Instructions for partial disassembly you can find in the manual. You should also visit the forum dedicated to the phone. When complete disassembly use only the special screwdriver as a telephoneing bolts are hats with a special pattern.
Prepare the surface on which will be applied to the material. To do this, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water. Prior to application degrease with alcohol or Cologne.
Select the material you want to put on the phone. You can choose the leather or PU tape, simulating the skin. The second option is better, because film is easier to apply. It is more durable, its cost is low, so you can periodically apply a new one to keep the perfect view of the phone.
Degrease the surface. Remove the protective layer from the back side of the film. Apply to the surface some soapy water and apply tape. Carefully stretch it to all the creases and bubbles are gone. Hire a building dryer. Uniform circular motion heat the film while it is stretched. Fold the edge under the back and neatly trim. For this scheme, and apply the film to all the details. Set aside to dry overnight. Assemble the phone.
Wet a piece of material, if you decide to fit the phone natural leather. Degrease the surface. Apply a steamed skin, brushing the back party with glue. Carefully flatten it across the surface. Fix the edges, gluing them on the back side of the part. Postpone the item to dry. Dried skin is a little compressed and tightly stick to the surface of the body of the phone.