You will need
  • Automotive leather, tracing paper, drawing supplies, scissors, stationery knife, glue, thread, needle, heat gun
Start with the dismantling of the torpedo from the car. For this throw off with the battery negative cable to avoid electric shock. Unscrew all the screws that hold the torpedo. Look in the manual. There you will find a detailed diagram of the location of all screws and latches. Don't forget to remove the wheel. To get the torpedo out of the salon best through the right front door.
Now you need to choose the material and the method of its mounting on the torpedo. There are several options. Real leather has a rather high price, but looks great. Faux leather is priced lower, however, inferior to the real in some characteristics. The ideal solution is to choose a car skin. It fits all the characteristics as designed specifically for use in the car.
Make pattern for covering torpedoes. For this you can use tracing paper or cheap material. Gently try to fathom all the removal of the torpedo. Note that the material you need to take stock. You also need to choose the mounting method. For black skin is best suited in white thread. But it is necessary very carefully to make the seam, to make it look beautiful. Don't forget that the skin should fix on the dashboard, so she was not going to fold and not off to one side. To do this, use a special glue.
After production of the pattern is neatly cut out from the skin. This blank should be tried on a torpedo. Ensure all exact fit. If some part of the ruggedly suitable, it should be customized. Convinced of the accuracy of the workpiece, you can start wrapping. Start from the top. Carefully lubricate the adhesive surface of the torpedo and pull the skin so that there was not one crease. Best to warm the leather construction and a Hairdryer. In this way you need to fit all of the panel.
When the torpedo is covered, we can start the processing of the seams. Note that they will depend on the appearance of your torpedoes. When working with the torpedo is finished, leave it in a warm place and allow to dry properly. After drying, you can install the dashboard back into the interior.