Advice 1: How to give the skin a form

Leather furniture gives the office or salon particular respectability. Leather accessories look elegant and refined. But in all these cases, the leather detail is needed to give a certain shape. The upholstery of the sofa or chair should be moderately tight, without any folds and wrinkles. The petals of the flowers look better if they are shaped like cups.
How to give the skin a form
You will need
  • leather;
  • glue;
  • - greater pelvis;
  • - Hairdryer
  • - candle;
  • frying - pan;
  • - tweezers;
  • assistant.
Pick up the glue. It needs to be glued and the skin, and the surface that you are going to upholster. Preferably one that doesn't immediately dry out, especially if you are going to paste over a large surface. You should be able to smooth out wrinkles, remove distortions, etc. it is Better to take a glue that dries for 10-12 hours or even more.
Will have plenty of detail. Pour into a bowl or tub of warm water. Water should not be very hot, in boiling water the skin will shrivel, shrink and become more solid. 40-60 degrees is enough. Detergent this time you do not need. Immerse the leather piece in the basin. If possible, try to balance it. He must be all covered with water. As a rule, skin is immersed in water quite well and has no tendency to float and form bubbles. However, this still sometimes happens. Will imbedded it with a heavy, but not sticky subject. Let the skin be wet about 2.5-3 hours.
Determine what order you will cover the land. The sequence can be arbitrary, but in any case it is better first to fit the convex or concave portions. Pull the leather is best with a helper. Pull a piece of skin on the convex surface. Smooth out all creases and wrinkles. Have an assistant dry the area. For this purpose use a hair dryer, a portable heater or any other device that produces a stream of warm air. Even, the vacuum cleaner configured for the emission of the jet. Of course, before doing this it must be thoroughly cleaned. To the adjacent land move only after it dries that you're working on now. If necessary, re-moisten the desired fragment.
Spread the skin and the surface you want covered with glue according to the instructions. The desired area a little warm. Attach the trim exactly in the same order you pulled. You will see that the skin after treatment with Hairdryer lightly clenched, but it doesn't mean anything to stick it will be exactly. Let the glue dry according to the instructions, and go pasting other parts.
Leather ornaments, usually made of scraps of old bags and shoes, etc. Bring the skin, wash, dry and paint. Take details of desired shape. For example, it can be flower petals. To cut them can be plain or serrated scissors, Shoe with a knife.
Wash and dry the pan. There should not be residues of oil or fat. Lay it on the suede petals down. Make a small fire and heat the petals. The pan cannot be left without attention, because everything happens very quickly. Once you see that the petals circles and ovals began to curl, remove the pan from the heat. Using tweezers, put the contents into another bowl.
The skin can be shaped as desired, pulling it to a CD.
Useful advice
If the petals a little, instead of frying you can use a candle. Light it, take a pair of tweezers or scissors petal and gently place the underside to the fire. Hold it in that position until the territory will acquire the desired shape. This method is slower, but it enables better control of the process.

Advice 2: How to shape ficus

So you want to ficus pleased with its splendor and looked more aesthetically pleasing. Pruning ficus tree to give it a shape, produced in spring, will help to rejuvenate and heal the plant. You will also help the flower, freeing him from the painful weak shoots and preventing denudation of the trunk.
How to shape ficus
Cutting produce for a couple of weeks before going to transplant the ficus in the new land. If the plant is weakened and painful, postpone pruning. Remember that new shoots develop from buds. Main of them – apical and lateral, located in the leaf axils. If you will be forming the crown of the plants in the spring, it will be lush. Making the pruning in the autumn-winter period, you will receive a ficus with a lopsided crown.
Note also that reformed is much better suited to the young plants, while the old form is next to impossible. This is due to the fact that lignified stem buds awake with difficulty. Cutting off the shoots, make the cut above the kidney. At the same time on thick shoots, the cut must be beveled and thin.
To give the ficus a Bush form, pridobiti the main shoot at a height of 13 cm. If the plant has a large leaf, leave 3 to 4 of the sheet. From axillary buds will develop shoots. Side shoots have reached a length of 10 cm, pinch over the kidney, which faces outward from the crown. All of the slices, wipe with a damp cloth until it stops to stand out the milky juice. Then sprinkle the slices with powdered charcoal.
To form the trunk, take the ficus, a vertical inner barrel of which has already been pronounced. Constantly remove the side shoots, and leave only 4 or 5 upper, as long as the plant will not grow to the desired height. For outdoor trunk is 0.5 – 1 m, table – 0,3 – 0,4 m. Pinch the tip at the height of the plant. Thus you stimulate the growth of side shoots. All of the slices dry with a cloth and sprinkle powdered charcoal. Tie the trunk to the peg. The peg need to be removed when the plant will be sustainably and fairly equalized. To crown ficus has evolved evenly, turn the Stam tree different sides to the sun.
For the formation of the bunk of the trunk you will need a fairly Mature plant. Pinch when it reaches the desired height.For the formation of a duplex of the trunk, divide the crown into 3 parts. Each level of the shape of the ball, and the distance between them clean from all shoots and twigs. The amount of levels not necessarily the same. For the formation of trehubenko of the trunk, divide the crown into 5 parts.
During the sequential formation of levels from the bottom up to the top of the barrel remove only when the trunk reaches the desired height. It is possible to achieve the formation of a tiered ficus tree, planting in a container, plants of different heights and forming a spherical crown. Masking trunks wrapped in natural cloth.
The original form can give the ficus, by plexus. Put in a pot of the same development of young rubber plants with trunks, woody half. Their height should be about 15 cm Plant two plants together, if you want to tighten the trunks in a spiral, three – to weave a "pigtail". Weave they should be free, removing side shoots.
To form a flat lattice, six or more of the ficus plant on the same line at some distance from one another. When the plants reach the desired height, flexible trunks secure in position with the aid of twine or thick thread. To subsequently formed scars, periodically loosen the clamps. That trunks had grown together faster, remove the bark to the cambium in contact trunks. Firmly press the plants in these areas and pull the plastic wrap, when do you intend to extract juice.

Advice 3: Gas lift for chair: the device and working principle

Only office chair can provide comfort during prolonged work at the computer. Just details of the chairs can be set according to individual anatomical features. For this and invented a mechanism called "gas lift".
The mechanism of "gas lift"

Design features of the mechanism of "gas lift"

Such a mechanism is between the seat and the wheels of the office chair. It is a rather long tube of metal, which is covered with plastic. The mechanism of "gas lift" has a distant resemblance with the mechanism of tipping the truck. But of course their sizes vary considerably.

Usually "gas lift for chair is equipped with pneumopathies, the amount of which does not exceed 16 cm of pneumopathy depend on the type of the chair. The larger the value, the higher "gas lift" to lift the chair.

The device and principle of work

The principle of operation of the mechanism is quite simple and comprehensible. So the steel casing is a small cylinder. This refers to the body under a plastic covering of the chair. The cylinder is a rod with the piston. Here he provides the raising and lowering of the entire structure. Also, the cylinder has two reservoirs, between which there is a special valve. In fact, this valve is responsible for the movement of "gas lift" chair. The direction of movement of the stock usually depends on what position will be the valve. It can be opened or closed.

When the chair is in its lowest position, the piston is at the top of the cylinder. If you are trying to raise the seat and push the lever, the pressure of the piston on the special button. Actually this button and opens the valve between the two chambers. Simultaneously, gas flows from the reservoir of the first camera and the second device is gradually lowered. But the seat opposite, and starts moving up.

Then the button is closed and the gas supply to the tanks is stopped. Consequently, the stock already does not change its position. If you want to omit the "gas lift for chair, usually press the lever to the mechanism. As a result, the gas from the second chamber moves to the first. The piston begins to move upward. The seat is lowered to the desired height.

By the way in case of breakage of the mechanism of "gas lift" it can not be repaired. In the event of damage to the tank replacement becomes inevitable. Also not advised to open this device, as the gas inside is under high pressure. To replace the mechanism without the help of a specialist is impossible. It would be better to contact the appropriate organization.

Advice 4: How to give the salad the desired shape

Skilful hostess often think about preparing a beautiful and original salads, which is quite difficult to give a rectangular, square or circular in shape. To achieve the desired configuration of the salad, you need to use improvised means in plain boxes, plastic bottles or cans of canned food.
How to give the salad the desired shape

Simple ways

First you need to determine the form that will have a salad. To give the outlines of the square or rectangle you can use leftover cake, or other products, pre-cut out of her bottom. The inner walls of the box neatly vystelite cling film or foil, after which a pipe shape is installed on the dish and filled with salad. Then one side of the shape cut with sharp scissors and gently remove it from the salad that it remains only to trim and decorate as desired. For the preparation of salads is not recommended to use many dressings or mayonnaise, as they will spread.

To give the salad a round shape and low height, you can use a canning jar, jar from-under canned corn/peas or plain plastic bottle. You have selected the shape you need to trim the top and bottom, leaving the middle of the desired height, which is then filled with salad. If you want you can cut from another bottle with a cone top to give the salad shape of a Christmas tree. The salad in the shape of hearts, stars or other non-standard objects can be done using foil. To create the layered salad put the salad in the oval dish, alternating layers of vertical walls of rigid cardboard, which are then carefully removed.

The original method

This method is ideal for putting some salad in the form of any animal, for example, the symbol of the coming year. It need animal drawing, cutting Board, light flat dish and plastic wrap. The ingredients for this salad depends solely on prescription. First you need to print the drawing to redraw it on paper and cut out, given the size of the picture that should be placed on the dish for the salad.

The prepared mold is placed on a cutting Board and cover with cling film, with tucked under the Board it ends. On the film along the contour of the pattern lay out salad a lot. The entire salad, which turned out the outline of the drawing, neatly cleaned and covered with a flat salad dish, trying not to squeeze him too hard, otherwise the shape of the lettuce will spread. To give this salad is great form small, flat tool like a spatula. Then the salad should be carefully and quickly flip the dish up, remove it to a Board, tape and picture to touch up the edge and decorate the outline of the "face" of the selected animal.
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