You will need
  • leather;
  • glue;
  • - greater pelvis;
  • - Hairdryer
  • - candle;
  • frying - pan;
  • - tweezers;
  • assistant.
Pick up the glue. It needs to be glued and the skin, and the surface that you are going to upholster. Preferably one that doesn't immediately dry out, especially if you are going to paste over a large surface. You should be able to smooth out wrinkles, remove distortions, etc. it is Better to take a glue that dries for 10-12 hours or even more.
Will have plenty of detail. Pour into a bowl or tub of warm water. Water should not be very hot, in boiling water the skin will shrivel, shrink and become more solid. 40-60 degrees is enough. Detergent this time you do not need. Immerse the leather piece in the basin. If possible, try to balance it. He must be all covered with water. As a rule, skin is immersed in water quite well and has no tendency to float and form bubbles. However, this still sometimes happens. Will imbedded it with a heavy, but not sticky subject. Let the skin be wet about 2.5-3 hours.
Determine what order you will cover the land. The sequence can be arbitrary, but in any case it is better first to fit the convex or concave portions. Pull the leather is best with a helper. Pull a piece of skin on the convex surface. Smooth out all creases and wrinkles. Have an assistant dry the area. For this purpose use a hair dryer, a portable heater or any other device that produces a stream of warm air. Even, the vacuum cleaner configured for the emission of the jet. Of course, before doing this it must be thoroughly cleaned. To the adjacent land move only after it dries that you're working on now. If necessary, re-moisten the desired fragment.
Spread the skin and the surface you want covered with glue according to the instructions. The desired area a little warm. Attach the trim exactly in the same order you pulled. You will see that the skin after treatment with Hairdryer lightly clenched, but it doesn't mean anything to stick it will be exactly. Let the glue dry according to the instructions, and go pasting other parts.
Leather ornaments, usually made of scraps of old bags and shoes, etc. Bring the skin, wash, dry and paint. Take details of desired shape. For example, it can be flower petals. To cut them can be plain or serrated scissors, Shoe with a knife.
Wash and dry the pan. There should not be residues of oil or fat. Lay it on the suede petals down. Make a small fire and heat the petals. The pan cannot be left without attention, because everything happens very quickly. Once you see that the petals circles and ovals began to curl, remove the pan from the heat. Using tweezers, put the contents into another bowl.