You will need
  • Tools for disassembly and Assembly of upholstered furniture
  • Pliers
  • Dense foam or other material for stuffing
  • Leather
  • Pencil, tailoring meter, scissors, and paper patterns
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Small hammer for joints (iron and gauze)
  • Adhesive for leather
  • Adhesive tape
  • Pins
  • Adhesive lining for leather
  • Braid
  • Vegetable oil and a cotton swab
  • Construction stapler
  • Small nails and a big hammer
Disassemble the sofa or chair, separate from the armrests, back and seat. You need to gently rip the old upholstery using pliers – they are convenient to remove the brackets on the fabric. Check the condition of the gaskets of soft furniture, now it is possible to partially replace its dense foam or other modern furniture material.
Make an exact pattern based on parts of old upholstery. This is almost the most important point in the wrapping of furniture with leather – if you do something wrong and have to rip the material, it will be spoiled by the ugly holes from the needles. Once thought of a new furniture style "clothes" - for example, interesting to combine different leather fabric. Make also pattern lining special adhesive material to the skin.
Stitch cut leather details. It is necessary to adhere to important rules:
• Not metyvit detail leather upholstery thread! Secure them with tape from the inside in order to avoid unnecessary perforation. You can pin and pin, but only exactly on the seam line.
• Front foot of the machine, lubricate the skin with any vegetable oil or vaseline so the material will glide better without losing form.
• Lay the seam on the sides and tap on them with a small hammer until they become completely smooth. You can carefully iron them through a damp cheesecloth, heat the iron only slightly.
• Glue the allowances to the wrong side of the fabric glue for the skin.
• Attach an adhesive pad.
• It is desirable to reinforce the seams with a decorative braid.
Start to pull upholstered furniture, trying not to make wrinkles. Also, do not let rhyme free standing trim, so it does not SAG. Attach the leather covering to the furniture using a furniture stapler, and the wooden underside of the parts, you can nail a series of small studs (leaving between each a distance of about 2 cm). Finally, reattach all trimmed with leather - components of furniture.