You will need
  • cutters;
  • knife;
  • - The F-connector.
Obtain and organize the tools and connectors for connection to a television receiver. Using long-nose pliers, align the edge of the cable. Observing the precautions, carefully cut the outer 15 mm of the cable insulation. Do not damage the wires between the inner and outer insulation. Carefully turn them back, then remove the foil around the insulation of the inner part of the cable.
Also carefully remove 10 mm of insulation around the inner core of the cable. Make sure that the many cores of the windings not touched her, otherwise the signal quality will deteriorate significantly.
Purchase in any store of electronics F-connector. Unscrew it. Insert the prepared cable into the connector, called "dad." The outer coil thus pressed against the housing F connector. Internal lived fall in the protruding part and will look out about 3 millimeters. If lived will interfere, it can bend. Clamp the cable clamping ring. Connect the connector to the antenna Jack of the TV.
You can also purchase a plug with fixing cable by means of soldering. In this case, use a soldering iron and solder. Observe measures of fire safety. You get it in a well ventilated area. Hot soldering iron, use a special non-combustible stand. Do not leave the soldering iron plugged in, on the table.
Prepare the cable as described above. The outer shell collect in the form of a beam with one hand. Carefully solder the inner conductor to the Central part of the connector and the coil twisted together, to the exterior. Check out the places spikes on the availability of the circuit. Eliminate them if necessary. Wear insulated bezel and connect the plug to the TV.