What characteristics must have a pool?

Room for a pool should be chosen with care. We should think about this during the planning of the building. The climate of the room is affected by many factors – humidity, use for cleaning and disinfection, chemical agents, temperature of water and air.

To ensure that the pool was close to the ideal, there are some useful tips. The pool needs to be good ventilation. Fresh air should be evenly distributed throughout the room. This will help to avoid unpleasant odors in the room and the emergence of drafts. Room for a pool should have high humidity. In the pool there is a large volume of water, and the humidity depends on vapor concentration.

It must be remembered that the higher the temperature of the pool water, the faster the processes of evaporation. In a properly equipped room under the pool constantly, the heat exchanges between water and air. The temperatures of air and water should be comfortable for the person. It is important to consider this in order to avoid colds.

The optimum water temperature in the pool

The optimum temperature of the pool water depends on the characteristics of the person. For example, for adults the temperature of the pool water must be about twenty-two degrees. For children it is advisable to install the pools with water temperature from twenty-eight to thirty degrees.

Pools for water aerobics have water temperature from twenty-six to twenty-eight degrees. If the temperature of the water in the pool below these, there is a risk of a seizures in humans. Higher temperatures create a feeling of stuffiness.

The climate of the basin

Special attention should be paid to the climate of the basin. Regulation of climate provide a special heating system and ventilation system. Control should be smooth. Should always have the ability to change the temperature if necessary. It is best suitable for pool air heating. The ventilation system in this case operates continuously, mode selection occurs automatically based on the temperature of the air surrounding world.