In the Excel workbook insert a column in several ways. Select the cell to the left of where you want to place the new column. Open the Home tab and look under the "Cell" the "Insert" button. Click on the arrow icon located under the button that turned the context menu. Select "Insert columns to the sheet".
Another option: highlight the columnto the left of which you want to add a new one. To do this, move the cursor to the top edge of the book with the letter designation of the columns and wait until it changes to arrows pointing down, then click on the column heading with the left mouse button.
Click in the selected column, right-click and select in context menu the second Paste command. Do not confuse it with the command "Paste from clipboard". If you highlight this way, multiple columns, you'll be able to add the same number of columns that you have previously allocated.
In a Word document inserting columns can be made also in several ways. You can divide into several parts an already existing column. On the tab "Insert" click "table" in the same section. In the drop-down menu, select "Draw table". When the cursor changes, swipe up the new "pencil" vertical line in one of the columns in the table.
Another option: highlight the column in its entirety. Click right mouse button and select in context menu the second Paste command. Unfold a submenu where you can specify which side of the selected column must be placed new.
There is another way. Place the cursor in the table cell. Will be available in the context menu "Work with tables". Go to the Layout tab. In the "Rows and columns" click on one of the suitable buttons: "Insert left" or "Insert right". A new column will be added to the right or to the left of the cell in which the cursor is positioned.