In Word to add a row to the table in several ways. Go to the Insert tab. Under "table" click on the arrow - unfold menu. In the drop-down menu, select "Draw table". The mouse cursor changes to a pencil. Swipe this "pencil" a horizontal line to the desired row of the table. The existing line will be split on two lines.
To exit the drawing mode of the table, again click on the Insert tab, and in the same section the table again, click in the drop down menu on the line "Draw table" with the left mouse button. The cursor will become its normal appearance, and you will be able to drive the text.
Another method: select the desired table row. The editor will be available in the context menu "Work with tables". Go to the Layout tab and click in the "Rows and tables" one of the buttons. So a new line appears above the selected, click "Insert above". So a new line appears below the selected accordingly, click on the "Insert from below".
With this method you can insert multiple rows. Select in the table the desired number of rows, for example three, and click on the "Insert from below". Your table will add three new rows.
To add a row in the table in the Excel document, position the cursor in the cell and click the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, click "Insert", in the opened window put the marker next to "String" and click OK.
Alternatively, move the cursor to the left edge of the sheet. In the field marked lines with the left mouse button click on the line above where you want to add a new line. Click the right mouse button on the selected line, and select in the drop-down menu "Insert" - a new row will appear.
In the same way you can add multiple new rows, allocating the appropriate number of existing rows in the document. To insert a new row above the non-contiguous rows by selecting the desired rows, hold down the Ctrl key.