Determine the degree of risk situation for the life and health of a friend. If you find out that her beating husband, you definitely need to help her. Moreover, in some situations, psychologists recommend to be very persistent in not listening to the attempts of the victim to justify the villain. Domestic violence is very rarely isolated. If a man is even able to hit a woman, as a rule, one episode is not limited. And the longer a woman stays with such a man, the harder it is to get away from him. The greater may be the physical injuries and psychological trauma that will cause to her husband.
Look for professionals who will tell you how to breed a girlfriend in this situation. These can be physicians, psychologists, lawyers. The fact that in many cases of domestic violence the husband-"the executioner" is not willing to let his wife-the"victim". He understands how difficult it is to find a woman who can forgive a beating, so will hold onto it until recently. It can intimidate, to persuade, to fill up with gifts, to blackmail. Changing anger to mercy and back, he absolutely desorientiert the woman in your life, and sometimes help her in this situation, can only specialists.
Together look for options to arrange life girlfriends after the divorce. In most cases men-tyrants leave his wife without means of subsistence. Moreover, they tend even to take away her personal savings and the money she earns. This is also a way to keep the victim's next: she often has nowhere to go. Recently in Russia began to appear charitable organizations that allow women with children to wait in the orphanage the time of divorce with the spouse-abuser. If relatives and friends can not help a woman financially, such centres can become a temporary shelter.