Of course, it is very easy to advise from the side. Besides, when a woman is overwhelmed with emotion when she actually is bad, it may well be perceived as a mockery of the Council to recover and pull myself together. However, it is. As soon as a little to subside the acute pain and resentment, she should call for help basic common sense.

A close friend betrayed? So she was never her, the more close! It was only the appearance of friendship. It is possible that the so-called "friend" you simply used gaining from communicating with you any benefit.

It seems incredible, implausible? Despite the betrayal, you don't want to believe it? Well, it says in your favor. Then strain your memory and try to recall how many times she unselfishly helped you in any given situation? Or at least offered their help? How many times have you, pushing aside their interests and even urgent matters, raced to her rescue? Here's what it is. Who has benefited from your friendship?

Remember the proverb: "a Friend is known in trouble!" If she behaved, when no trouble was not what you would expect from her, if you or your family, God forbid, threatened a real danger? So take her betrayal as a hard but useful lesson. We must learn to understand people, even those you too hastily recorded in the "close friends". Continue to be careful and cautious. This does not mean, of course, that it is necessary to withdraw into themselves, seeing each counter the insidious hypocrite and a scoundrel. But reasonable vigilance has never and does not harm anyone.

Well, what if she'll regret my inappropriate action and ask for your forgiveness? Tough question. Then you decide. In any case, even if you'll pardon his former close friend, don't be too honest and trusting as before. Rescheduled lesson must go in your favor.