Do not just emphasize on the girl with a proposal of marriage. Is it just scare. To begin, simply introduce yourself and strike up a conversation on topics that are always interesting for discussion. For example, about studying at the Institute, the new movies or music genres. In the first conversation try to find out, especially like the Queen of hearts.
Take a girl's mobile phone number. You can do this under the pretext that you need something to consult her. Everyone likes to recognize its merit and listen to the opinion. The girl will be flattered that you perceive her as an expert in any field, and it is unlikely you will be denied.
Call the girl the next day after talking to memories of meeting you are still not erased from her memory. Ask not if you distract her from the important things. Make conversation to interest his beloved subject. The list you need to find out the first conversation. Listen more, let the girl develop the idea, don't interrupt. Be sure to thank you for taking the time and try to assign a date to continue a fascinating discussion.
Pay special attention to appearance in preparing for the first date. Girls, and not only, always meet on clothes. And no matter how interesting you may be, dirty shoes and bad breath will scare away from you people at the stage greeting. Therefore devote personal hygiene not five minutes, but at least half an hour. Clean clothes, tidy hair. Go to the meeting with a bouquet of flowers. This will give the sweetheart to understand that the date is not friendly, you perceive her as a woman.
Behave naturally, do not try to seem better than they really are. Do not invent non-existent business class cars and country houses. If you start Dating a girl, your financial situation will not hide. And after such a deception, it is unlikely to want to continue communication with you.