Advice 1: How to hint to a girl about kiss

Kiss is gratitude for successfully past the date, the allusion to consolidate and continue the relationship. But what if you have not managed to derail the long-awaited gift from the lips of any man? Gently suggest that you do wait.
How to hint to a girl about kiss

Hint using the sight

Psychologists say that while flirting people better perceive non-verbal communication (body language, facial expressions, etc.). The most striking manifestation of interest in the opposite sex is your opinion.

Practice different looks in front of the mirror. Motivation to kiss may be opinion, as the performance from the magician. This is a look of admiration and expectations of magic.

Imagine that your date went well in the best tradition of the romantic style. You sit in the area of love (according to psychologists is the distance between people of different sexes less than 45 cm). Slightly problemite your partner. If the person is not moved and took off the hand, it speaks of mutual sympathy.

Start gently stroking fingers on her neck in the area between the roots and the vertebrae.

At this point look in her eyes the same look, waiting for a miracle. And quickly switch the view on her lips. You can just lick her or bite. This way, you will show a willingness to pass to kisses and caresses.

Compliment as an excuse to kiss

Your date is about to end, the blue star was replaced by playful clouds. Girl something passionately tells, and you are languishing on the willingness to shower her with kisses.

Don't be shy! Chop her talkativeness, gently putting her index finger to her lips. Say something like: "You're an incredibly interesting person! But when I see you smile I want to touch your smiling lips, to feel her taste."

Romantic uttering the phrase, slightly move your face-to-face partner. If you in response will not kiss, be patient and repeat a similar trick with the touch and the phrase a little later.

Kiss as a pleasant surprise

Wait for the right moment and kiss the girl without any hints.

Invite the girl to walk on the parapet of the embankment at sunset, holding her hand. And when she wants to go, you can catch her in her arms, gently wander and terminate the whole thing with a gentle kiss.

A sudden accident, your heads bent toward each other in search of fallen under the table spoons/books/earrings. What is not a reason for a kiss?

Moments for a kiss during a date can be a lot. The main thing is to make sure that the girl also wants to move to a new level of intimacy. About her readiness for kissing and other such attention may also tell the non-verbal gestures and facial expressions.

Recognition of the hints from the girls

According to psychological research, she is ready to move on to more intimate dialogue, when she shows interest in partner: toes of her shoes or knees aimed in his direction, fingers gently stroking the glass.

The mutual sympathy and expresses a subconscious desire to demonstrate the girl's vulnerable delicate areas of my body - wrists and ears. If a girl looks at you with undisguised interest, and constantly tucks a strand of hair behind her ear or playing with a bracelet/wrist watch is a sign that she needs affection.

Take your time with kissing, and you'll never miss the moment. In any case, remember that a kiss like dessert to the meal, served only on request. Mutual, of course.

Advice 2 : Like a date to kiss the girl

One of the most important aspects of Dating is the first kiss. It can determine how the relationship will develop further. You need to think in advance where and how you will present it to his beloved.
Like a date to kiss the girl
Take your time to kiss a girl on the first date. Usually people have different opinions about when to do it, but it is believed that at the first meeting, the pair still not too familiar with each other to become closer. Better suited for this second date. If you'll hold this moment and on, the girl may think that you do not like.
Try to kiss the girl good-bye. This is one of the most suitable moments, so it's possible that your companion will be waiting for this step. Thanking the girl for a wonderful evening together, enthralled once again by her beauty, problemite and try to kiss. If you really made an impression on your sweetheart, she will reciprocate.
Consider other opportunities for a first kiss. It depends on where will you go for your date. For example, kiss a girl during a climactic scene of a romantic film in a joint trip to the cinema. Try to do it after a pleasant conversation at a table in a restaurant or in a scenic spot during a walk.
Watch the reaction of the girl to your actions. If she looks at you with admiration and great interest, nervously biting his lips, turning his eyes on yours, tugging on your ear, etc., chances are you much like her, and she was quite ripe for a kiss.
Make sure that the first kiss will be no distractions. Better that there were strangers or transport. Be sure to look into the eyes of girls before you go to kiss her, and it would be better if you tell her a few nice words. Express your sympathy and tell us what do you like about your companion. It will be very nice and she will take a kiss for granted.

Advice 3 : How to kiss a girl on the first date

Can't wait to kiss a girl on the first date? How to do it right, not to spoil the moment and not getting slapped?
How to kiss a girl on the first date
First you need to check the susceptibility of girls to you. Try to gently touch her hand and watch the subsequent reaction. If she pulls his hand, as from electric shock, then perhaps she is not ready to proceed. If the reaction is neutral, so a girl gets on you, you can keep trying to get closer.
If you've managed to take the girl's hand, it is not necessary to stop there. Go ahead touch it. This should be done with unobtrusive tenderness. Touch shoulders, try a easy hugged. Wait, wait reaction, you let the girl get used to it and relax. Stay cool.
Now you can touch her hair. If she doesn't mind you playing with her hair, it is very possible that she had already located to the first kiss. Not only should paternal to stroke the back of her head. Playfully stomp your curls close to your face. This easy physical contact make a girl want to kiss you.
Long look at her lips. Stop don't say anything just watch. Then slowly look the girl in the eye and ask permission to kiss her. So she did not say any phrase in addition to a clear negative answer take as consent.
After you have received permission for a kiss, not worth it greedily pounce on the girl. Otherwise you'll ruin the moment. The first touch of lips should be easy and short, stop, let the girl feel the moment.
Before going on a date definitely make sure you smell nice. Be sure to bring chewing gum or refreshing spray, you should be absolutely confident. At this crucial moment of nothing must interfere with, or repel the girl.
Do not forget to make compliments. Tell me how you liked the taste of her lips, they're so soft and pleasant. As amazing and wonderful that you met such a girl. Don't let her to doubt his actions, she needs to feel more confident.
If at the crucial moment the girl turns away from you. Stop, do not worry, just act like nothing happened. Some girls just enjoy teasing guys, they play hard to get, forcing the Cavaliers more persistently to achieve its.
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