You will need
  • mobile phone
Write down in advance on a tape, the recorder or the computer the phrase "Your phone is blocked for viewing pornography!". The phrase needs to be recorded mechanical voice. To call on the phone other better with strangers for his phone number.Tip: If one has no proper sense of humour and will run to call, for example, from a landline phone, support operator, it is better not to risk and not to joke in this way. If each "excellent" perceives "fun" to record phrases can be of different nature depending on the areas of interest of this person.
Your phone is locked
Call a friend on a landline phone, changing the voice, or ask a friend to read the text, invented by you. The essence of drawing is to simulate a call from the phone company. Tell your friend who still has no idea about what to prevent and clean telephone wires in 15 minutes from the tube to start the flow of steam. In order to prevent the management of the company strongly recommends that you cover up with blankets or polyethylene.Tip: you need to talk serious voice, otherwise one will immediately understand that this is a "divorce".
Don't forget to wrap the pipe with polyethylene
Play your friend through SMS. Today the Internet you can find many programs able to make fun of a friend in this way. For example, you can send a mobile message with the invitation to the concert of your favorite band or congratulations on the win laptop in a well-known lottery. Tip: examples of "divorce" quite a lot, as a lot of programs for sending messages on the cell phone. However, if these programs require sending a reply message, which will cost your friend, better to ignore them, as this may lead to violation of the rights of legal users of cell phones. In addition it is not necessary to use programs that could harm, for example, a virus attack, the integrity and health phone a friend.
Divorce by SMS could be the most fun